[2021]Fix Mobile Hotspot Not Working on Samsung

Is Samsung Hotspot not working after update? There is plethora of reasons why Hotspot not working on Samsung phones, like data not available, battery is low, your data pack doesn’t support, etc. While the hotspot runs flawless, but when it doesn’t respond then it could be a bigger problem, for us.

Refer to this article, to fix the Mobile hotspot not working on Samsung or on Android phone. We’ve tested and finalized these solutions for your device.

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Fix Mobile Hotspot Not Working on Samsung

Turn On/Off Airplane/Flight Mode

This is the basic but potential workaround to deal with the network connectivity issues including Samsung Hotspot Not Working. Enabling the Airplane Mode on your device would disconnect the phone from all wireless connections, and hence, will refresh the system.

Pull down the Notifications center and find Airplane mode button. Tap on it and if it appears Blue, Airplane mode is turned on.

Later after few minutes again tap on the same Airplane Mode button, to disable it.

Samsung Hotspot Connected, But No Internet?

Well, this is the major reported issue by any user who spends most of the time on phones, laptops and uses Wi-Fi connection. Even though the internet is on, but it shows Connected but No Internet written on the Wi-Fi menu.

In that case, all you can do is, turn off and on the mobile data several times, by this, the problem might get resolved.

Make Sure Battery Saver Mode is Disabled

While keeping the battery saver mode on, you cannot use the high battery consuming features like Mobile Hotspot. If Mobile Hotspot on your Samsung not working, then kindly check for the battery saver. Meanwhile, the Android system completely closes all the unnecessary background activity running.

Pull down the Notification center and find Power Saving Mode, make sure it is disabled.

Alternatively, you can search for Power Saving Mode in the Settings app, if it is not available in the notification center.

Disable Data Saver Mode

When the Data Saver Mode is enabled on the Samsung phone or in any Android phone, the Hotspot won’t work at all. Therefore, make sure to turn off the data saver mode on the phone.

  1. Go to the Settings
  2. Search Data saver.
  3. Tap Data saver.
  4. Disable Data saver.

Disable VPN

To use the Hotspot on your phone, the VPN should be disabled. We would advise you to disable the VPN on your phone.

  1. Open the Settings
  2. Search VPN in the settings.
  3. When you open the VPN settings, make sure it is disabled.

Set Higher Data Limit

This is one of the best features available in our phones because while exploring the Instagram or Facebook, we never keep track of data usage and it ran out like nothing. And there’s a possible reason when the data limit is exceeded, you can’t use the Hotspot on any Samsung phone.

  1. Go to the Settings.
  2. Tap Connections.
  3. Select Data usage
  4. Tap Mobile data usage.
  5. Tap on the settings gear.
  6. Select Data limit and increase the limit.

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