Fix iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro Stuck on Setting Up Apple ID

Fix iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Stuck on Settings Up Apple ID

Recently bought a brand new iPhone? If yes, you might have experienced iPhone 14 Pro stuck on Setting up your Apple ID. I can say it is the most annoying situation that happens any time without any kind of warning sign. And, it’s more stressful as you are not familiar with how to fix your iPhone stuck on the startup screen. 

At this point, it’s inconceivable to use the iPhone for any task rather than smashing hard on the ground but’s not a great idea. There are various reasons why your iPhone 14 can get stuck on setting up Apple ID, similarly, there are a bunch of troubleshooting steps to fix it. 

iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro Stuck On Setting Up Apple ID, Complete Troubleshooting Guide!

iPhone stuck on setting up Apple ID after upgrading to the latest iOS, is that your issue? Here is an array of the best ways to fix the latest iOS iPhone stuck on Setting up Apple ID.

Force Restart iPhone

If your new iPhone 14 is taking a while to set up, consider the minor bug or glitch within the setup process that prevents the latest iOS Phone from going ahead from the setup screen. Forever the best and most effective solution to fix the issue is to force restart iPhone. Doing so will reset the Setup screen.

  • Step 1 → Press the Volume High Button, now press the Volume Low Button and then keep pressing the Power Button until the Apple Logo appears on the screen. 

What this troubleshooting means to say is you have to enter the Apple Account credential on the refreshed setup screen. 

Assure The Internet Connection

Internet stability is the primary need whenever you do such a task on your iPhone. And failing to meet internet speed requirements can ultimately result in iPhone 14 Pro setup getting stuck. So ensure that the iPhone is connected to the internet through the mobile network or Wi-Fi. 

In case there is an availability of Wi-Fi at the current location, always select the Wi-Fi as it’s comparatively more stable than mobile data. So if there is access to internet or else Wi-Fi Keeps Disconnecting, restart the device and for now skip adding Apple ID.

Insert A Valid SIM Card/eSIM

Sometimes inserting an invalid SIM card in the latest iPhone can cause stuck on setting up Apple ID. First and foremost verify if the SIM you have inserted on your device can make or receive the call or SMS. However, if you live in the US, there is no space for adding a Physical SIM to the new iPhone. In such a scenario, ensure that you accurately activate eSIM. If you fail to set up the SIM accurately can be one of the prominent reasons Apple ID not setting up on the latest iOS version.

Try Using Different Apple ID

While assuming all the possibilities, one needed to be noted is Apple ID. Your belonging Apple ID could have a problem that’s causing iPhone 14 to be stuck on setting up the Apple ID screen. In case you carry an alternative iCloud account, try logging in with it but before that restart the iPhone. However, if you don’t have another Apple ID, create one. Try adding the credentials of the new ID on your iPhone as see if the issue ends up! 

Update Or Restore iOS

If none of the workarounds shows a positive outcome, it’s fair to say that your iOS software has a problem. To get rid of the problem you have to either restore to the old version or else update Phone to the latest iOS 16. But as we all know, iPhone isn’t set up, you can use iTunes on Windows on Mac.

Update iOS

  • Step 1 → Link your iPhone to the Mac or PC using the lightning cable. 
  • Step 2 → Open up the iPhone using the sidebar on Finder on Mac. Similarly, if you have preferred iTunes, access the app and choose iPhone.
  • Step 3 → Select Check For Update.

In case, there is the availability of an update, you can choose Install, and doing so will install the latest iOS on your iPhone.

Restore iOS

  • Step 1 → Link your iPhone to the Mac or PC using the lightning cable. 
  • Step 2 → Open up the iPhone using the sidebar on Finder on Mac. Similarly, if you have preferred iTunes, access the app and choose iPhone.
  • Step 3 → Select Restore iPhone…

After the completion of restoring procedure, your Phone will restart. This time we hopefully think you get rid of iPhone 11 stuck on setting up on Apple ID.

Bottom Line

It’s undoubtedly the worst case after spending a lot on the latest iPhone but getting stuck while setting up Apple ID. But fortunately, following the guide mentioned in this article will help you to get rid of it. 

Why Is My New iPhone Stuck On Setting Upp Apple ID?

The most considerable reason for iPhone gettings stuck is eSIM is not properly configured on the iPhone. And as a result, your device might not able to access the internet which causes not able to configure your Apple ID on iPhone.

How Long Should Setting Up Apple ID Take?

Usually, the Apple ID takes 1-5 seconds after adding the login ID credential. If it takes more than that, it’s undoubtedly something to worry about.

What To Do If Setting Up Apple ID Is Taking Too Long?

More than often, restarting the iPhone and re-entering the Apple ID in the setup screen will able to get fix the issue.

How To Setup An Apple Account?

When you first time turns on your iPhone, the setup screen will prompt to create new Apple ID if you don’t have one. Choose it and get your work done.

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