How to Setup and Use Google Wallet With Your Galaxy Watch5

How to Setup and Use Google Wallet on Samsung Watch 5

Whether you purchasing from the well-known Online Store or else buying food items from the nearer McDonald’s, paying with your phone offer a handy and quick way to pay rather than taking out a credit card from a tight pocket. That’s where we consider setting up and use the of Google Pay on Galaxy Watch5. Here is how to set up Google Pay on all Samsung Galaxy Watch.

However, Samsung Pay is the default payment method to pay on the Galaxy Watch. But some of the users are still fond of using old-school Google Pay. But unfortunately, there are still a bunch of users doesn’t know how to set up Google Pay On Galaxy Watch5.

How To Install Google Wallet On Your Galaxy Watch5 Series 

On the Galaxy Watch5 pro, scroll up from the bottom of the screen to open App Tray. From the App Tray, select Play Store Icon.

  • Step 1 → Select Search Icon present at the top of the page.
  • Step 2 → Navigate to the Google Wallet and choose the Search Icon present beside the spacebar. 
  • Step 3 → Hit Google Wallet from the next screen.
  • Step 4 → Choose the Install Button.

After the complete installation procedure on your Galaxy Watch5, it’s time to set up accurately to make a payment. What I mean to say is now you have to card in the application. Here are the steps you need to follow. 

  • Step 5 → On the Galaxy Watch5 pro, scroll up from the App Drawer.
  • Step 6 → Swipe down and select Google Wallet App Icon.
  • Step 7 → Hit on the Checkmark to verify that you configure Screen Lock.
  • Step 8 → Choose Pattern and PIN to desired lock type.

When asked, build a strong pattern or write down PIN.

  • Step 9 → Select + Icon to add the card.
  • Step 10 → Choose the Checkmark to continue the procedure.
  • Step 10 → From the smartphone, select the Continue Option.
  • Step 11 → Hit on the single cards from the Google Wallet to make it visible in Smartwatch. At the same point, tap on + Icon to add a new debit and credit card.  If you are choosing an existing card, write down the CVV Code, when asked.
  • Step 12 → Hit the Continue Option.
  • Step 13 → Confirm the Terms & Conditions.
  • Step 14 → In case to verify, you need to simply make a call to your bank or either Sign In To Bank Account. Choose the option, and hit Continue.
  • Step 15 → Once your card is verified, hit on the Continue Options.

Instantly Access Google Wallet On The Galaxy Watch5 Series

  • Step 1 → As always, swipe to the bottom to open the Quick Settings Panel.
  • Step 2 → Select the Settings Cog > Advance Features.
  • Step 3 → Swipe down and hit Customize Keys. Right below, the Home Button, select Double Press.
  • Step 4 → Move to the complete array of apps and select Google Wallet.
  • Step 5 → Move back to the Setting App.

It’s an extremely best and easy way to move from Samsung Pay to Google Wallet. So instead of searching for the apps, look for Wallet Symbol, and then move forward to the complete payment procedure, now you have to simply double-hit and finish off the payment procedure, and at-last double-hit the Home Button to appear Google Wallet. 


That’s how you can handily add and use Google Pay on the Galaxy Watch5 hassle freely. And in case if you have while configuring it, simply let us know by dropping it in the below-mentioned comment box!

How Do I Activate Google Pay On My Samsung Watch?

If you want to configure Google Pay on the Galaxy Watch, access the Google Wallet App > Get started. Configure the setup screen and simply go through the on-screen information to add the debit or credit card. And that’s where your card will visible on the Galaxy Watch.

Can You Use Google Pay On Samsung Watch5?

Yes, you can now use both Samsung Pay and Google Pay on the Galaxy Watch5. However, if you are not familiar with the steps to set up and use Google, go through mentioned above guide.

Is Google Wallet The Same As Google Pay?

As always Google product named Google Wallet is a secured virtual wallet that offers handy access to the Passes, Ticket, or IDs. And yes both are same.

Which Is More Secure Samsung Pay Or Google Pay?

NFC payment is now becoming more usual as it offers a quick way, unfortunately, all the shop owners and the merchant has not upgraded to such a system, So Google pay is not available everywhere. At the same point, Samsung Pay includes magnetic secure transmission, which allows one to make a payment even when the terminal is not compatible with NFC. 

Does Google Pay Charge A Fee?

Thankfully, there are no fees while buying on through Google Pay & Drive.

Is Android Pay the Same As Google Pay?

Google Pay itself named Android Pay is a useful feature for making payments. 

Why There Two Google Pay Apps?

At the end of day, Android now collaborates with Google Wallet and is named Google Pay. The newly revamped Google Pay is the best option to go with to make the contactless payment or in case to transfer money to family members and friends.

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