Fix Galaxy Store Not Working on Samsung Phones and Tablets

Galaxy Store Not Working on Samsung S22 Ultra, S22 Plus, S22

Being Samsung users, we have the privilege to use two platforms to download and update the applications; Google Play and Galaxy Store. Now it’s up to us, whether to use Galaxy Store or Google Play. The Galaxy Store can download, and update all the apps and programs that are installed on your phone, however, it seems like there are many users who are reporting Galaxy Store not working on Samsung Phones and Samsung Tablets. To address that query, we’ve gathered some of the best potential workarounds to fix Galaxy Store not working.

Let’s start with the solutions without wasting time and fixing Samsung Galaxy Store not working issue.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Store Not Working/Crashing on Samsung Phones and Samsung Tablets

Close All Background Apps

Unlike Apple phones, closing all the background apps in a single tap is as easy as clicking selfies, when we’re talking about Samsung Phones and Tablets. Still, many users don’t tend to close the apps from the background after using it and that leads to an immense load on the processor causing app crashing, lagging, and freezing issues on the go. Therefore, always close the background apps at least once a day to keep the device light and fast.

If you’re using gesture, then swipe the lower-middle portion of the screen and select Close All. Else tap on three horizontal lines of the Navigation button and select Close All.

Force Close Galaxy Store App

Similarly, you can anytime, force close a particular app and give it a fresh start. Simply, touch and hold Galaxy Store and select the info icon, and select Force stop. Or open the Settings app and search Galaxy Store and select Force stop. Now experience the app, it should be working flawlessly.

Force Reboot System

Up next is to reboot the system. Sometimes, overusing the phones develops bugs in the system resulting in sluggish performance. The best way to prevent the device from temporary bugs is to force restart the Samsung Phone and Tablet. And it is recommended to do this process once a week to maintain the health of the phone.

  1. Press and hold Volume Down and Power button until Samsung logo appears. Wait for some time until the system boots up completely.

Check App Permissions

Without allowing App Permissions, not a single app will perform up to the mark. When opening the app for the first time, the app will ask you to grant permission to Access Phones, Messages, Locations, and more. Go and check the app permissions for Galaxy Store and see if that works.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Search Galaxy Store.
  3. Tap Permissions.
  4. Select the necessary permissions that you want to give to the Galaxy Store.

Sign Out and Sign In to Galaxy Store

Galaxy Store is associated with your Email ID and if there’s something wrong with the linked Email ID, Galaxy Store might not respond and ultimately, you won’t be able to update and download apps.

  1. Open Galaxy Store App.
  2. Tap on hamburger-menu on upper-left screen.
  3. Tap on Account Icon.
  4. Scroll down and select Sign out.
  5. Follow the same steps to Sign in.

Check for Updates

Updating phones and apps are as important as anything. Frequently, Samsung releases different types of software updates including Security Patches, Firmware Updates, App Updates, and more. If you’ve disabled Auto Updates on Samsung Phone and Tablet, then everything needs to be manually updated. Here’s how to check for updates on Samsung Phones and tablets.

  1. Open Galaxy Store.
  2. Tap on hamburger menu.
  3. Select Settings cog.
  4. Select About Galaxy Store and Update it.

To Update System:

  1. Go to Settings app.
  2. Search Software Update.
  3. Tap Check for updates.
  4. Tap Download and install.

Delete App Data and Cache

App cache and data are produced by your usage, as you download, update, and continuously use the app, it will start collecting various data and cache files to make the app fast. However, if that cache and data are older, it will be a pain in the head and won’t respond. Hence, delete the app cache and data, and see if that works.

  1. Go to Settings app.
  2. Search Galaxy Store app.
  3. Tap Storage.
  4. Select Clear cache and then tap Clear data.

Check Storage

If you’re facing difficulty while downloading or updating the app, then go check the storage. Insufficient storage won’t let you download or update the app whether it’s Galaxy Store or Google Play, this rule is applicable for all Stores.

Though, when the phone is low on storage, it will notify you in the Notification pane to check and delete the unused files, and apps.

  1. Go to Settings app.
  2. Go to Battery and device care.
  3. Tap Storage.
  4. Let the device analyses the storage and then you can delete the files and apps that you don’t need at all.

Reset App Preference

Reset App Preference is another advanced workaround to deal with app-related issues right away. This solution has fixed the problems of many users and that’s why you should give it a try.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Go to Apps.
  3. Tap on three-dots.
  4. Select Reset app preferences.
  5. Select Reset.

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