Fix Overheating Issue on Samsung S22 Ultra, S22, S22 Plus

Samsung S22 Ultra Overheating

The Samsung S22 series is a powerful gadget, hard-designed software which easily gets stored in the pocket along with you all the time. And it’s very common that we remove from the pocket for watching videos, playing games, and for various tasks. But you will never experience the same performance as the Samsung S22 all the time.

Does your Samsung S22 keep overheating? Does your Samsung S22 ultra overheat while charging? If you have recently experienced the same then read this blog as it may help you.

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Why Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, S22, S22 Ultra Overheating?

Why Does My Newly Purchase Samsung S22, S22 Plus, And S22 Ultra Overheating Issue?

Your Samsung S22 gets hot due to various issues like corrupted battery, the surrounding temperature, faulty apps running in the background, heavy software, outdated application, or outdated software in device. Well to get the right culprit is a difficult task but follow the given below step on your device one-by-one and fix the problem.

Avoid Using Device In A Hot Environment

You will be unknown, but using the device in the ideal temperature between 0 to 35 is best to avoid Samsung S22 plus overheating. And if you continue using in the hot surrounding temperature, then undoubtedly you will encounter galaxy s22 plus overheating. If you are presently in such an environment then ensure to put the device from such temperature and avoid Samsung S22 ultra overheating problems.

Detach Cases or Cover

We suggest not to use any unreviewed or low-rated cases as it doesn’t consume a proper heat dissipation design. Remember, if have recently bought cases or cover doesn’t consume holes for heat generated, you might encounter Samsung S22 overheating while charging. So ensure that the cases don’t consume such properties and if you are willing to buy new cases then go to our web as they are personally reviewed by the experts from our team.

Verify Apps Running In Background

If you have encountered cases that are not the main culprit behind Samsung S22 keeps overheating when using a camera, it is our duty to verify background running apps. You will be not familiar, this application continuously keeps fetching data to offer real-time notification. It ultimately keeps forcing the device to works with load and which leads to Samsung S22 ultra overheating problems. To fix the issue, close all unwanted and unused applications running in the background.

Avoid Using Device While Charging

Nowadays every device comes with a fast-charging aspect which normally gets hot while charging. And if you used the device while charging then it gets more-hotter. Because when the device is charging, the battery gets charged, eventually dissipates the heat from the device. When you use Samsung S22 ultra, causes complimentary heat. So neglect using the device while charging.

Clear Out Unverified Applications

If your device is craved with buggy applications from an unreliable platform, it can make you Samsung S22 ultra overheating problem. For this, you just need to turn on the Safe mode and verify if the overheating still lies. Because enabling the safe mode will only allow the pre-installed application to run.

  • Press the Power Button to feature Power Off Menu.
  • Just after that tap on the Power Off symbol to feature the Safe Mode Symbol.
  • Select Safe Mode and wait until the device reboots.

If you have encountered Samsung Galaxy S22 overheating problems, it ultimately means the third-party application is the main cause. And after this simply uninstall the third-party application one by one and verify the problem is fixed or not. If not so simply move forward to the next step.

Disable Unused Network Services

Varieties of features like Bluetooth, location, or a mobile hotspot should not be enabled all the time. As they are not useful every time because not only do those features keep S22 overheating but it also features battery draining problems. So it’s better to disable those features

Enable Power Saving Mode

When enabling the power saving mode, it will completely turn off all the data syncing, location features, and network usage from the background. And ultimately with a low load in the background, the device remains cool.

  • Navigate to the Settings.
  • Hit on the Battery And Device Care.
  • Select Battery > Power Saving Mode.
  • Lastly, tap on the Toggle to turn it on.

After doing so, if you have experienced a reduction in overheating problems on Samsung S22, it’s great. If that’s not the case simply move to the next workaround.

Clear Cache Partition

If Samsung S22 ultra overheating problem doesn’t vanish; try performing the clear cache workaround. Because there are chances where the corrupted files can make the device works weirdly. As a result, overheating problem on Samsung S22.

  • Switch Off the device.
  • Press the Volume High and Power Keys to feature the device into the recovery mode.
  • After this, press the Volume Low Button and Power Button to feature the Wipe Cache Partition.
  • Then feature YES and hold the Power Button.
  • Once have done this, the cache of the device gets cleared.

Now restart device and verify overheating problem on the Samsung S22 ultra is fixed or not.

Reset All Settings

Once you have performed this workaround to fix the Samsung s22 plus overheating issue. It will let out the all the possible culprits that feature overheating problems on the Samsung s22 ultra.

  • Navigate to the Settings.
  • Hit General Management.
  • Select Reset > Reset All Settings.
  • Touch on the Reset Settings.
  • Re-write the PIN or Password if asked.
  • For last confirmation, tap on the Reset option.

Update Device

Don’t worry! if any glitch causes the issue on Samsung S22. Then newly developed device comes with some bugs. In such cases, the developer launches an update to fix and enhance the device’s performance. So just check if there is an availability of an update on your device or not.

  • Hit Settings > Software Update.
  • Choose Download And Install.

Wrapping Up!

Hopefully, you might have fixed overheating problem on the Samsung S22. If that’s not the case the only option is to go back to the nearer service Samsung station.

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