Face Recognition Not Working on Samsung S10, S10 Plus

Face unlock not working on Samsung S10

Recently Samsung has launched Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10e are usually at the top with all feature that user wants in smartphones. Everything, that is, excluding the kind of face recognition automation that competes with Apple’s Face ID recognition. The Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus rather adopting an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor at bottom of the display as a protected biometric authentication process, while S10e confides on a sensor on a side of smartphones.

When the Biometrics issues occur your smartphone is not safe unless it is in your hands. Apparently, not always we can keep the device in our hands, that’s why you must look at the article and find a way to fix Samsung S10 face recognition not working. I would recommend you to check the correct path to set up face recognition on your Samsung S10 flagship. And if it is perfectly alright, then you should move on to following tricks to fix face unlock not working on S10, S10Plus.

How to Set Up Face Recognition in Samsung S10 and S10 Plus

If you want another way of unlocking the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10e, here’s how to enable face recognition,

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Go to Biometrics and security.
  3. Select Face recognition.

At a time when a screen of Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10e smartphones turns on, users will find a clear circle on punch holes camera. This meant that the camera is looking for your face, and if it finds, the smartphone will unlock. Users can adjust it to the home screen by selecting stay on the Lock screen.

When the device was released, many YouTubers have proved that Samsung S10 flagship’s face unlock is not secure as expected. And yes, they were right at that time, but now the time has changed, with dozens of security patches, your Samsung S10 and S10Plus is secured with face unlock. Still, if you don’t want to compromise the security of your S10, S10Plus, here’s a quick way to make Face Unlock More Secure on Samsung Phones.

How to make Face Unlock More Secure in S10 and S10 Plus?

Change in it makes face recognition slower but safer, due to which it won`t be fool by just showing a photo of the user. Increasing the speed of faster recognition leads us to enhance speed and decrease in safety, rising the feasibility of video and pictures being wrongly recognized user’s faces.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap Biometrics and security.
  3. Select Face Recognition.
  4. Disable Faster Recognition.

Users have to disgust it and manage to trick it with the test which we have performed before, but the smartphone wouldn’t unlock everything. The diversity in speed is also imperceptible. Now, it won’t affect any kind of incisive, but it gives some peace to your mind if you want to use face recognition in Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10e.

Conclusively, if Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10e trouble users more, so it`s better to use a fingerprint.

Samsung S10, S10Plus Face Recognition not working after update?

Many users use third-party security systems like Exchange ActiveSync or Mobile Device Management System, to tighten the security of their devices. Generally, people who work where they have to keep certain emails and data private, tend to use this kind of protection. We all know that Face Unlock is not so popular when it comes to protecting sensitive data, therefore, it might be possible to face recognition stopped working after Android 10 update on S10/S10Plus.

In that case, the device can only be accessed, by using PIN, Pattern or Password whichever you have set as a secondary option for the first time. Thereafter, it will let you use face recognition to unlock the phone.

Fix Face Recognition not working on Samsung S10Plus and S10

First things first, before digging deep, I’d like to make sure certain factors that could resolve face unlock not working on Samsung phones.

  • Since, to detect Face, the phone uses a front camera, so make sure the camera is not covered by any hard material or dust or screen protector. Give the front camera a clear vision of your face.
  • The face recognition works absolutely fine in all conditions like in low-lite, or whether your eyes are covered with spectacles, however, if face unlock is not working, then uncover your eyes and try to get in bright light, see if it works.
  • Make sure while unlocking the phone, the front camera is not in direct contact with sunlight, as it may face difficulty while detecting your face.
  • If you haven’t updated the phone in a while, go to the Settings app > System updates > Check for system updates. Frequently, Samsung sends security patches to fix Biometrics.
  • Use branded Screen Protector for precise cut-outs on the camera holes. Check for Samsung S10, Samsung S10Plus, Samsung S10e.

Is Face Recognition Secure in Samsung S10, S10Plus?

Since the first day of release and handover of Samsung S10, Samsung has lost the trust of people who were believing that face unlock will keep their phone safe and secure. But on the very first day of setting up face unlock, it didn’t go well and then Samsung has taken the issue into consideration by sending security patches to fix the face recognition problems.

If you’d ask me, I wouldn’t suggest you use face unlock, if your phone goes in the wrong hands or don’t want anyone to explore your phone, because one can use your photo to unlock the phone. Instead, use the traditional in-screen fingerprint or pin security to keep your belongings safe inside the phone.

How to Remove Face Recognition Data from Galaxy S10/S10Plus?

Its good that you’ve decided not to use the face unlock, here’s how to remove face recognition on your Galaxy S10, S10Plus.

  • Open the Settings from the notification panel.
  • Scroll down and tap Biometrics and security.
  • Select Face recognition.
  • Enter PIN.
  • Tap Remove face data.

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