Best Image Upscaler Apps For Android In 2023

The usage of images has increased drastically for both personal and professional work. But sometimes you find the image is too low quality, blurred, and small in size. However, you will require the ability to upscale images to fix it. So here is the list of best image Upscaler apps for Android devices. 

Pixel Up – AI Photo Enhancer


No chances of Blurry Photos-install this Pixel Up app. This application uses an AI to turn out pixelated, blurry, or damaged pictures into professional results. 

It has a minimalist UI that helps you to locate and learn the features in no time. Best of all, it guides and instructs the users to get the best result. However, Pixel-Up makes you watch ads for up to 5 seconds to get your work done. 

Additionally, it lets you create AI Avatar, Animation, Color Black & White, and even reverse it back to its original form. The AI emerged automatically detects subject and enhances the detailing.

Further, to save and share it on social media, you will need to watch annoying 5 seconds ads. Nonetheless, the end result image consumes the negligible pixel-up watermark, which can only be removed in its Premium Version. The best image upscaler free but consumes in-app purchases. 

Photo Enhancer & AI Art – Lens


With AI Photo Enhancer, you can enhance the image quality in no time. As always, the application firmly increases clarity and resolution, making them appealing.

You can also use the app to remove artifacts, restore old photos, and sharpen the image more efficiently. In addition, it lets you convert normal photos into AI Art, Anime, etc. 

Includes Freemium version with capabilities of 5 credits; after this, you need to enroll in Premium Version. Lastly, the UI is pretty easy to navigate, best of all, no annoying and un-worthy ads. 

PhotoTune – Enhance images in batches


This Android image upscaler app lets out noise from image and makes it HD clear. It has a handy interface; easy to navigate the features. 

The appealing part of an application is that it allows you to batch-enhance images using premium version. The application maintains color quality while upscaling images. However, you can also opt original version with details upscaled. In addition, image upscaling software free, but upgrading to premium versions offers unlimited downloads, faster, no watermark, and an ad-free experience. 

The only drawback is in the free version, you will need to watch ads for every aspect you want to use. 

AI Enlarger: For Photo & Anime


Unlike other applications, you can handily upscale the image quality into attractive premium-quality images. It uses AI technology that enhances the image resolution by up to 100%. And there are no chances of pixelated and blurred photos. 

Besides this, the application has a simple UI that offers a handy way to navigate through features. Once you pick up the photos, configure the desired quality and tap the confirmation button. 

Finally, there are multiple enhancement tools, for instance, noise reduction, color enhancement, sharpening, etc.

Remini – AI photo enhancer


Turn your blurred, damaged, pixelated image into high-definition photos with a single tap. Additionally, with this powerful Android AI image enhancer from Remini, you can generate astonishing AI Avatars. 

However, the app promises to launch new aspects over time. And the best is it’s suitable for all region users as it’s compatible with multiple languages. Plus, it lets you create AI avatar for unique styling. With a simplistic app UI, the application is always on to go. 

MintAI – Photo Enhancer


If you aren’t a great photographer and want to enhance your image quality quickly, consider downloading the MintAI app—the built-in AI feature results in best-quality images. However, to get the end result, you need to watch annoying 30 seconds Ads. 

Although you will receive a watermark, but it’s rarely visible. Thankfully, the premium version can remove the watermark, increasing the processing speed. 

Overall! The application is faster and more advanced as it lets you convert the image into paint, comic style, colorize, etc. It’s worth an app with only the drawback of long ads. 

Get the Best Image Upscaler Apps For Android!

That’s It! Here we end up with a list for the best Android photo enhancer app. Which did you like the most? Notify us by dropping in the below comment box.

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