8 Best Charging Adapter For iPhone 14 Models

Best Charging Adapters for iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro

Apple’s new iPhone 14 Models are packed with ultra-advanced hardware – but unlike previous iPhone models, it doesn’t ship the Best Charging Adapter. So if you have to purchase the Charging Adapter before making a big investment in the latest iPhone.

What’s the best charging brick for fast-charging iPhone 14 models? It seems to be the most cumbersome take, but not today. We have rounded up some of the Best Charging adapters for iPhone 14 Models, so we have a line-up considering the various features; Fast Charging, Protection, Built Quality, and at last, most important, VALUE TO MONEY! Go through the list and make your iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max juice with the best wall charger.

Top 8 Charging Adapter For iPhone 14 Models To Buy

Unlike every iPhone, the iPhone 14 models are convenient with fast charging technology, but finding the best iPhone 14 series charger is always tough. So let’s make getting the best iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone Pro Max Chargers quite easier.

Best iPhone Charger Overall: Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter

apple Official Charging Adapter

Which charging adapter do you use with iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max? Seems to be a simple answer, when you have Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter by your side. With an all-iPhone 8 and later model, you can take the experience of fast charging, which shows 50% charging in just 30 Minutes.

Why it’s best wall charger? I can say due to its sleek and compact design that can firmly rest in any Best Backpack. And unlike the other Apple Accessories, it is a budget-friendly charger adapter for iPhone 14 Pro Max. The only drawback of Apple’s official charging adapter is it can charge only one flagship at a time. 

Rather than this, it’s a complete heart-throbbing iPhone 14 Pro charger you can buy right now!


  • Quick Charging
  • Sleek And Compact Design 
  • Trust Worthy 


  • Can charge single flagship at a time.

Check Price Of Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter On Apple Store / Amazon

Best Value For iPhone 14 Model Charger: Spigen 27W Wall Charger

If you are searching for a pocket-friendly option, the Spigen 27W Fast Charger 20W Charger is for you. Eventually, you won’t save big money, but every little penny matters, right? But still do a great job of juicing up your iPhone 14; it’s a considerable option to choose when iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro Battery keeps draining faster. 

As the name itself says, it’s compact, which makes it the best option to add to the line-up of Best iPhone Travel Accessories. So if you don’t always prefer to have Apple’s Official Charger, the Best wall charger for iPhone 14 Pro is from Spigen with the capability to charge one device at a time. 


  • Pocket Friendly.
  • Fast Charging.
  • Easy To Carry.


  • Charges Single Phone At A Time.

Check Price Of Spigen 27W Wall Charger On Amazon

Best iPhone Charger For Multiple Devices: UGreen 65W USB-C Charger

ugreen-multiple port Apple Charger

Always want to have Best 3rd party fast charger for iPhone that can charge multiple devices at a time? Then with a closed eye; go with UGreen 65W USB-C Charger. As of now, it comes with a Single USB-A Port and Three USB-C Ports, to energize iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, or Air simultaneously. And that’s the reason it’s a bit costly iPhone 14 Pro Max fast charger.

No matter what high-end Game or App you running on your iPhone 14 series device, it will always make the device ready in just 50 Minutes to fully charge up. And with just a weight of 176G, it is suitable when portability is concerned. 


  • Charge Four Device Simultaneously.
  • Compatible With USB-A & USB-C
  • Convenient To Charge Heavy-End Laptops.


  • Not Compact.

Check Price Of UGreen 65W USB-C Charger On Amazon

Best Fast Charger For iPhone: UGreen Nexoda 100W USB C Multiport Charger

ugreen-100 W Gan Charger for iphone 14

The smallest but most powerful adapter for iPhone in this line-up. The UGreen 100W GaN charger is equipped with Gallium Nitride Technology which is 30% more compact than the original 96W USB-C. The All-In-One iPhone 14 Pro Max Charging Adapter includes 3-Quick Charging Ports(100W).

It includes an all-around protection power adapter for iPhone 14 Pro that protects the device from Over-Voltage, Over-Current, and Over-Power means you can do overnight charging. Like a pair of the best Bluetooth speakers, it’s one of the worth while investments for the Traveller.


  • Compact Size.
  • Super Fast Adapter.
  • Equipped With Nexoda Gallium Nitride Chip.


  • Expensive Adapter.

Check Price Of UGreen Nexoda 100W USB C Multiport Charger On Amazon

Best iPhone Charger For Dual Charging: Nxpoil 40W 2-Port Fast Charger

 nxpoil Charging Adapter

If you are always surrounded by multiple devices, at the same, a four-port iPhone 14 Pro Max charger seems to be unused, then a better option is to go with Nxpoil 40W 2 Port Charger. Unlike the other charging adapter, it includes a USB-C port, which can charge iPhone 14 Models for up to 50% in 25 Minutes. 

Looking at its design, pretty bulkier! But it’s affordable compared to other dual port chargers. So if you want to charge both MacBook and iPhone once, Nxpoil iPhone Charger is definitely a value-to-money option. 


  • Charge 2-Devices Simultaneously.
  • Compatible With USB-C & USB-A.


  • Foldable Prongs

Check Price Of Nxpoil 40W 2-Port Fast Charger On Amazon 

Best Affordable iPhone Charger: ROMITAZ 20 USB-C Wall Adapter

romitaz-affordable Charger for iPhone

After buying iPhone flagship, undoubtedly many users search for an affordable yet Best Charging Adapter; and that’s where we hunted ROMITAZ 20W USB-C Adapter. Mentioned under the World Electrical Standard, it comes with FCC, ETL, ROHS, and CE certification. It is manufactured using High-Quality ABS Material, that never hinders over a long period of usage.

Moreover, the Safety Chip excellently protects the device from Over-Current, Over-Power, and Shortcircuit. Plus, the Compact and lightweight make it a travel-friendly accessory for iPhone. In the box, you will receive Worry-Free 12-Months Warranty.


  • Under Warranty Product.
  • Compact Design
  • Cheap Price Tag


  • Only Charge Single One

Check Price Of ROMITAZ 20 USB-C Wall Adapter On Amazon

BYEASY 30W Super-Fast Wall Adapter for iPhone

BYEASY 30W Super-Fast Wall Adapter for iPhone

BYEASY Wall Adapter for iPhone is built to withstand overvoltage, high frequency, overcurrent, and hence more stability over time. With a maximum output of up to 30W, it can charge your iPhone 14 from 0% to 60% in 30 minutes and fully charge in 115 minutes. Plus, a foldable plug design keeps the adapter in the pocket, and handy.

With its extensive and reliable compatibility, charge your iPad, iPhone, AirPods, Samsung Phones, Google Pixel, you don’t need to spend money on multiple adapters.


  • USB-C Foldable Wall Adapter
  • Cross Device Compatibility


  • Only one USB-C Port

Check BYEASY Wall Adapter Price on Amazon

LUOTIP 20W Fast Charger – Alternative to Apple Official Charger

LUOTIP 20W Fast Charger – Alternative to Apple Official Charger

If you really care about your iPhone’s battery and don’t need ultra-fast charger, LUPTIP 20W PD Charger is the real deal. It easily charges up most Android and Apple devices, all you need is a working and compatible cable; depending on the device, it supplies the output voltage at up to 20W, and hence it protects the device from short-circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage and other casualties.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t include the USB-C to Lightning Cable. Very compact, easy to carry, and lightweight. Get this perfect charger for your home and office.


  • Comfortable Grip
  • Compact and Lightweight


  • Doesn’t Include Cable

Check LUOTIP Charger Price on Amazon

How We Test Best Charging Adapter For iPhone 14 Models

To carry on the legacy, the iPhone 14 Models can now be paired with a Fast Charger. So Our initial testing of the iPhone begins using Apple’s Official 20 Watt Charger and Spigen 27W Charger, which show good results with every iPhone 14 Pro Max; 50% in just 30 Minutes. The next was the four-port UGreen 65W Charger; undoubtedly, it has shown a better result than Apple and Spigen, 100% in less than 2 Hours, even when multiple accessories are connected simultaneously. 

With more effort, we found the super-fast GaN Charger from UGreen it attracted us due to its compact design. While connecting the MacBook Pro with the iPhone 14 Pro in its 100W Port, the result was admirable; 100% charging in around 130-150 Minutes. 

Next in the array was ROMITAZ and Nxpoil 40-Watt Charger; ROMITAZ with an affordable price tag, show the same result as Apple and Spigen 27-Watt; 50% in around 30-35 Minutes when connecting iPhone 14 Plus. What about the Nxpoil 40-Watt? Around 70% in 55 Minutes, when connected to iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The common point for all the mentioned chargers it charges the iPhone 14 series with the highest capacity without in sign of iPhone Overheating or getting hot.

How To Choose The Best One

As soon going through our recommendation, we always suggest you have Apple Official 20 Watt charger as it was designed the company that developed iPhone. This is because of the company is familiar with the real hardware requirements of iPhone 14 Models. At the same point, if the price tag doesn’t matter to you and if you carry multiple devices UGreen GaN Charger For iPhone 14 Models, comparatively you have the UGreen Four-Port Charger. And the last and true value to the money is Spigen 27W Wall Charger due to its compact design at the same point and affordable price tag.


Now we have craved the list of Best Charging Adapter for iPhone 14, you might have definitely go your companion from the list. However, with an exploring eye, this line-up might get in the future, if we get something admirable. Till then charge up the iPhone 14 Models!

Can I Charge My iPhone With Any Adapter?

iPhone firmly works with the current power adapter and USB-A to lightning cable, such as those charging adapters are priority adapters. The new iPhone flagship now only includes the USB-C cable that is compatible with USB-C adapter as mentioned above in this article. 

Which Adapter Is Best For iPhone?

Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter is one the best for iPhone. However, there are many more, in case, if you searching for certified Charging Adapters for iPhone rather than Apple Official ones, go up to our complete guide on it.

Do I Need Charging Adapter To Charge My iPhone?

Yes, you will need a charging adapter, as of now, the latest iPhone Flagship only comes with a lightning USB-C cable. 

Does iPhone 14 Support Fast Charging?

Yes, all iPhone 14 series models can charge at a maximum of 23Watt. This should efficiently give half of battery within just 30 Min.

Can You Charge The iPhone 14 With An Older Charger?

If you carry USB-A Charging Adapter, you can charge the iPhone 14, but always use in-the-box USB-C cable to receive a more better result.

What Is Maximum Wattage At Which You Can Charge The iPhone 14?

The basic model iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus can compatible with a maximum of 20W, whereas you can efficiently charge the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max with a power of 23W.

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