Dropped Your Samsung Buds In Water? 6 Ways To Fix It!

Have you recently dropped your Samsung buds in water? Fuss not! This might be fixed if you act wisely. And if you get panic and place your device inside the rice bag, it will cause severe hardware damage. If your Samsung Buds wet won’t turn, read this guide without wasting time.

Note: Whether you have Galaxy Buds 2, Buds Live, etc all this wil work for you.

What to do if you dropped your Samsung Galaxy buds in water?

Clean them with a microfiber cloth

First and foremost, you should clean them with a soft & dry cotton cloth. We suggest using a microfiber cloth, a dry napkin, or a towel. On the other hand, you can use a slightly moist cloth if something sticky or juice falls on your Galaxy buds. However, clean it wisely and push the water inside, or else you will end up with severe damage. Besides this, clean the bud’s case with the cotton swab and no pressure.

Tip the Samsung Galaxy Buds and it’s Case upside down

If you have dropped the Galaxy Buds and its Case, then placing it upside down with an on lid and keeping it as it is for longer will let out water from Bud’s case.

Dry the Samsung Buds With desiccant/silica gel packets

Placing the Samsung buds in uncocked rice will cause scratch, dust, and even chances that tiny grains of rice can make way inside the Buds, further resulting in buds not working. Instead, we recommend using the dessicants/silica gel to dry the moisture out of the Samsung buds. The best part is they can firmly absorb invisible droplets. 

Place Samsung Buds under the fan or slightly warm place

Place the Samsung buds below the fan to dry faster than usual or in a slightly warmer environment. But don’t overheat them, or it will melt down the internal component and permanently cause damage. 

Check the sound quality of Samsung buds

After performing all those mentioned above to do tasks and letting the Samsung buds dry for up to 24 hours, you should verify whether they are working. Connect them to a Samsung phone via Bluetooth and play the song with high bass. If it sounds as earlier, good luck, but still, I suggest not using them for 48 hours until they eliminate the leftover moisture in your Samsung buds. 

Replace Samsung Galaxy Buds If Still Not Working

You tried out the solution above, and if your Samsung buds aren’t working. The option left is lettings it dry for another 24 hours. And even after that, it won’t; it’s better to carry it to the nearest service station and ask for the repair. 

Tips to avoid water damage in Samsung Galaxy Buds

If you want to ensure that your Samsung Buds don’t suffer the same problem, follow the tips mentioned below. 

  1. Don’t carry your Samsung Buds when you swim or take a shower. Simultaneously, in a rain.
  2. Remember to empty your pockets to prevent them from washing in a washing machine.
  3. Ignore placing the Samsung Buds next to the water bottle, liquid juice, etc.
  4. Always wrap around the Samsung Buds with waterproof cases. 
  5. Ignore carrying the Samsung Buds into the sauna and steam. 

Fixed Dropped Your Samsung Buds In Water!

Undoutedely, the Samsung Galaxy Buds are the best companion to your Phones for listening to music. These are some of the notetaking tips and tricks you need to perform after dropping your Samsung buds in the water. 

I dropped my Samsung Buds in water; what should I do?

If your flagship buds dropped in the water, initially disable it and then remove the water. After that, gently move the soft cloth, place them in a slightly hot place, and let them dry for up to 24-48 hours.

Can I use my Samsung Buds after they have been dropped in water?

However, it depends on the extent of water damage. It may work if you have submerged the buds for a shorter period and were instantly removed. Conversely, if it’s for a more extended period, the component inside the buds might get damaged.

What should I do if my Samsung buds still do not work after drying them out?

Even after trying the above solution, the Samsung buds won’t dry, it’s time to contact Samsung expert team, or you can carry it to the nearest service station and ask for replacement or repair. But don’t try repairing it yourself, as it can lead to severe damage.

Can I prevent my Samsung buds from getting water damage in the future?

First, avoid wearing it in the rain, showering, and swimming. Additionally, attach the waterproof case to your Samsung buds.

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