How to Fix Wireless Charging Not Working on Samsung S22


Most of the smartphone companies all around the world has adopted wireless charging, and while the Samsung might be the late starter in accepting wireless charging, it’s now ultimate to adopt the cordless era. Even-though various rumors circulating about the Samsung S22, it’s ultimately capable to accept wireless charging. Wireless charging seems to be effortless day by day. And owners are more eager to accept it in daily usage. 

However, the reality is not show. As most of the users around the world are featuring that wireless charging is not working on Samsung S22 on the social media platform. Well, we have worked on it mentioned some of the effective workarounds to fix it. So continue reading the article and enjoy the ride. 

How To Fix Wireless Charging Not Working On Samsung S22, S22 Ultra & S22 Plus

Place The Phone Perfectly On The Charging Station

One of the most common reasons behind wireless charging not working on Samsung S22 is you have not placed the device on the wireless charging. Because placing the device at a perfect spot doesn’t break out the wireless connection between the device and charging. We suggest to reposition the device perfectly and see if the S22 wireless charging not working is fixed or not.

Detach Case From Phone

Sometimes you might have bought a case that doesn’t compatible with wireless charging. In such cases, you might encounter S22 ultra wireless charging not working. So we suggest, to verify the case you are using with Samsung S22 devices are compatible with wireless charging or else detach the case and enjoy a juicy charging experience.

Assure Wireless Charging Is Turned On

There is a feasibility that you have forgotten to enable the wireless charging option by mistake on the Samsung s22 series. This may be the culprit behind it. To fix it, simply follow the given below steps.

  • Navigate to the Settings.
  • Swipe down and tap on the Battery And Device Care.
  • Tap on Battery > More Battery Settings.
  • Now you will encounter Fast Wireless Charging. And hit on the toggle present next to it. 

Now, look if the wireless charging on the Samsung S22 plus is fixed or not! 

Verify The Cable And Adapter Are Working Properly

Well, unluckily if you carry a third-party or a defective cable and adapter then you will definitely encounter a wireless charging adapter not working. So to prevent such an issue, verify the cable and adapter you are using are not defective or corrupted. 

Clean Up The Charging Port

The dirt and debris on the charging port make it not working with Samsung S22. Such dirt and debris block the continuous flow of the current coming out of the wireless charging. To clean it, use the toothpick and enter it in the port after that use the piece of cotton along with alcohol solution. Now wrap it on the toothpick, then smartly enter it in the port perfectly. After this procedure, check if the wireless charging on the Samsung S22 plus is fixed or not. 

Restart The Device

If the minor glitches is considered to be the reason. The only effective and efficient solution to fix it is, to restart the device. After performing so, simply try it to charge with wireless charging.

Update The Device

Another system bug that can be considered is an outdated application. An outdated application always creates varieties that don’t allow to run the gadget smoothly. So verify the device consume the latest version of the software. If not so, simply update it as soon as it possible. 

Verify It In Safe Mode

Nowadays there are many application that are not well coded due to which various issue appears in the device such as S22 plus wireless charging not working. To check which application is the main reason, simply enable the safe mode. As the safe mode doesn’t allow to be run only default apps are allowed to be run.

  • Switch off the Phone
  • After that, restart the device.
  • Now press the Volume Low Button until the Samsung logo appears on the screen.
  • Tap on the Safe Mode present at the right bottom corner.
  • Choose the Safe Mode.

Now try charging the Samsung S22 with wireless charging and see if it works perfectly. If yes, then clear out all the third-party applications one by one and see if the issue is fixed or not.

Factory Reset

Lastly, the only solution left is the factory reset. We suggest creating the backup as the factory reset will clear out all the important data stored in the device.

  • Navigate to the Settings.
  • Select General Management.
  • Choose Reset.
  • Hit the Factory Data Reset.
  • Lastly, tap Reset.

Wrap Up!

So this are the effective workaround to fix Samsung S22, S22 ultra, and S22 plus wireless charging not working. We hope this workaround might help to bring back your device to its original form. If not so, we recommend taking your device to the nearer service station and asking for the same problem. 

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