WhatsApp Call Link Not Working/Missing On Samsung? Fix It!

Besides sending messages or making calls(Video, voice), WhatsApp also allows to creating and sharing WhatsApp Call Link from the WhatsApp Calls Tab. 

Being a user of the feature from the day it has been launched, suddenly I go stuck with WhatsApp Call Link not working issue. Have come across the same situation? Fuss not! here is the proven solution to fix it. 

Follow the steps below to create the WhatsApp link on a Samsung phone. But before that, we always suggest sharing the WhatsApp Call link only with the people you trust. And the Block users aren’t allow to join the Schedule WhatsApp Call. 

  1. Go to WhatsApp. Head to Call Tab.
  2. Choose Create Call Link. Select Call Type(Voice or Video).
  3. Hit on Copy Link. Either choose Share Link Via WhatsApp or choose Share Link to share it through different apps. 

Check Internet Connection

For the purpose of using the WhatsApp Call Link, your device must have an uncorrupted internet connection and a stable speed. Check Internet Speed, if it’s unstable, contact the Internet Service Provider to book a complaint ticket or to take an overview of currently running plan.

We always recommend connecting to Wi-Fi instead of Cellular data. As long as Wi-Fi is available near you, keep your phone connected to it.

Is WhatsApp Server Down Today?

WhatsApp calls link not working today; check the Server Status Of WhatsApp. Since the server is down, you won’t be allowed to use WhatsApp and its features. In this scenario, the only possible solution is to wait until the issue gets fix on its own.

Check Version Of WhatsApp

It’s time to check the version of WhatsApp. As of now and forever, the WhatsApp Call Link Missing or not working is found 

to be a welcoming issue whenever there is outdated WhatsApp. Check the version from either Google Play or App Store. If there is a newer version available, immediately install it. 

Have you share the WhatsApp call link with more than 32 people? That’s because this is the limitation. If anything about it, the receiver will not low to join the call. 

It’s stated that if the Call link remains unused for more than 30 Days will get automatically expire. Inhibit the sending date in the chat; If it’s more than unused for up to 30 Days, Create The New Link And Share!

Disable VPN

Have turn on the VP Nin order to get access the content available in other regions? If enable, haunt it to disable, as it can possibly affect the normal functioning of the feature.

Force Stop WhatsApp App

In-app-related bugs are always inevitable. Considering minor bugs behind the cause; force-stopping WhatsApp can fix. At the same point, it helps to refresh the app’s memory. To force stop, long press on the WhatsApp Icon, from the pop-up select “i” Icon and choose Force Stop. 

After the completion of procedure, restart the Samsung device and check for the problem. 

Clear Cache Of WhatsApp 

Are you experiencing a speedy response from WhatsApp, that’s due to the cache. But over the period the Cache gets overwhelmed and there are chances where you might experience misbehaving of application.

Call Link on WhatsApp not working or missing can be a possible cause of a corrupt cache. To clear cache, head to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > Storage > Clear Cache. That’s It!

Restart Smartphone

Another worth trying solution, Restarting Samsung Device. As it sounds silly, but can efficiently fix all the minor bugs within the System or Application. Long press the Power Button, and select Green Restart Option. Wait until procedure gets finished and then verify the issue. 

Report The Issue To WhatsApp

If the troubleshooting guide did not help you, don’t waste time scrolling on the internet. We recommend Reporting The Issue To WhatsApp. 

Head to WhatsApp. Click on the Calls Tab and choose Call Type either Voice or Video. Select the following option to share the link.

Check for WhatsApp Update. Next Force stop the application and then restart the Samsung Phone. Still the issue persists Contact WhatsApp Support.

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