How To Send Photos As Documents In WhatsApp On Samsung

WhatsApp is one of the best messaging applications as it’s fully featured and a compelling platform for sharing communication. But it’s genuinely said that pobody’s nerfect because when sharing photos through it, ends up with a low-quality picture. For this, the only hack is sending photos as documents in WhatsApp. Want to know how you do so? Continue reading an article.

Why Should You Send Photos As Documents On WhatsApp?

WhatsApp uses a pre-defined feature that automatically compresses files and share across contacts to share quickly. But the drawback is degradation in picture resolution. Ultimately means that photo loses its original quality. Which isn’t ideal if you want to edit for professional usage. Thus sharing pictures without losing quality on WhatsApp is to share them as doc files. 

How To Share Photos As Document In WhatsApp On Samsung

Before we begin, ensure that WhatsApp is updated to the latest version. Because if not so, it can create an issue during the complete procedure. 

  1. Open WhatsApp and open preferable contact number.
  2. Next, select Clip Icon next to the Message field.
  3. Select Document.
  4. Hit on the Browse. 
  5. From the top, select Image. Next, browse through the image and choose one you want to share a document. Finally, hit on the Send Button.

That’s It!

Alternative Ways To Send Photos Without Losing Quality

  • If you still feel arduous, you can use Bluetooth with other options, like sharing photos or videos.
  • Next, you share high-res files by uploading them to Google Drive and share your link by allowing access to the receiver. 
  • Up next, using the email.
  • You can also share an image by uploading it to the physical drive, for instance, Pend-Drive or Hard-Drive.

Send Photos As Documents In WhatsApp!

Now you can maintain image quality when sharing via WhatsApp. Did you really like it? Let us know in the below comment box!

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