How to Root Samsung S10 and S10 Plus: Root Manager Apps

In this article we going to discuss rooting process in android and what is benefit of a rooted device and how you can root and un-root your device.

Today we are going to show you how to root Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus, along with how you can root your Samsung tablet and which rooting app is best for android. So, without wasting any more time lets get into it.

How to Root Samsung Devices?

What is Root Access in Android?

Rooting is a process which gives root access in the Android operating system. It gives you privileges to modify and uninstall the system apps and change the system UI.

Why should I Root Samsung S10?

Root access in Android is similar to the running windows in the administrator mode. It gives access to the operating system directories and the way os operates. As part of rooting you have to install the root manager app that is basically gatekeeper app for root access, whenever any app requires root access then you have to approve it from a root manager.

Root gives full access in the operating system so, you can delete an annoying system app that comes with every smartphone. Root gives you access to change the system UI and try out custom UI. In the rooted devices you can also install custom ROMs to try out new Android ROMs developed by a third party developer and you can take a full backup of your device using a backup application like Titanium Backup.

Is it Safe to Root Samsung S10?

Probably every person does think about this question before rooting android phone. There are different factors such as once you root your device, the warranty of that device will get voided. So if you are looking to root android smartphone, make sure to try rooting android phone once the warranty period is over.

How to Root Samsung S10 and S10 Plus?

We have found the top 4 best rooting apps to root Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung S10 Plus that will safely root the android smartphone. Let’s get started,

1) Dr.fone – Root (Requires Computer)

Dr.fone – Root is one of the best tools for rooting android. It provides easy to use a one-click rooting process for smartphones and tablets. Although it is compatible with massive Android phones from various brands like Samsung, HTC, Acer, Asus, Sony, and Mi.

Key Features :

  • Root your phone completely free.
  • It is compatible with the devices running on android 2.1 and higher.
  • Enable you to unroot the device.
  • Supports over 7,000 smartphones and tablets.
  • Root Android Phone with Computer.

Download for Windows: Dr.fone Root

2) Kingo (Android App)

Kingo is another free software to root your smartphone. It provides a one-click rooting process for a smartphone and tablet. It supports devices running on android 2.3 and higher. This is an android app that means it does not require a computer to root your device.


Key Features:

  • Compatible with Android 2.3 and higher.
  • Free of charge.
  • Provides one-click un-root process.
  • Root Android Phone without Computer.

Download: Kingo Root

3) Root Genius

Root genius provides a one-click rooting process for smartphone and tablets. It supports flashing custom ROMs and removes built-in-apps after rooting. It supports devices running on an android 2.2 or higher.


Key Features :

  • Supports over 10,000 smartphones and tablets.
  • One click root and one-click unroot.
  • Enable you to flash custom ROMs and remove in built apps.

Download: Root Genius

4) iROOT

Just like root genius, iRoot another powerful tool for rooting android. It provides in-click rooting and one-click unrooting process.


Key Features:

  1. Free of charge
  2. Supports thousands of Android smartphone
  3. Supports devices running on android 2.3 and higher
  4. One click root and unroot process.

Download: iRoot

How to install root Manager app and root checker app on an Android smartphone?

If you just rooted your smartphone successfully then we some recommendation that you can consider. First, you have to install the root manager app (Root manager app basically manages the root permission for the other apps). Before installing the root manager app you have to check that your smartphone is successfully rooted or not.

To check the root status of your device you can use root checker app and you can download it from play store or from the link given below. After that, you can install root manager from the play store. SuperUser(root manager) is must needed app for every rooted device. As you can grant or deny root permission to any app using it.




How to install Custom Recovery and Backup Software in Rooted Samsung Galaxy s10

Once you rooted your device successfully and installed SuperUser then you have to install custom recovery software and backup application to unlock the full potential of your device. For the recovery manager application, we recommend TWRP as it well-known recovery manager and installation of TWRP is very easy.

To install it you have download TWRP application from the play store. Using TWRP you can flash any custom ROM from your phone directly. For the custom backup application, we recommend Titanium Backup. To install it you have to just download the app and install it. It allows you to take the full backup of your device.


Install Recovery Manager: TWRP

Install Custom Backup: Titanium Backup

Download USB drivers for Samsung s10 and s10 plus:

The USB drivers are used to connect your device with pc. It provides support for files transfer and USB debugging.

Download link: Samsung S10 USB Driver

Download link: For all Samsung Smartphone

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