How To Protect Your Samsung Phone Data From Thieves

Our Samsung phone/Tab includes valuable personal data such as contacts, photos, financial data, videos, etc. So what if your Samsung flagship gets stolen? Thieves always aim to gain access to the device data. That’s why taking precautionary steps to protect your Samsung phone data from thieves is important. 

In this blog post, I will introduce practical tips and tricks to safeguard your Samsung phone/Tab from surrounding suspicious eyes. So keep reading and learn how to protect Samsung data from thieves and gain peace of mind. 

What Would Happen If Your Samsung Phone Is Stolen?

Several potential threats could lead to worst scenario if Samsung falls into the wrong hands.

Financial Theft: Access to your Bank Information, Credit Or Debit Cards.

Access To Personal Data: They can definitely access Photos, Videos, Contacts, and Messages. And in the worst case, they have access to all your social media profiles.

Device Misuse: Can be used to make calls and send messages. Additionally, thieves can use the personal data on Samsung to extort or blackmail. 

Besides, if a thief knows your password, they can disable Find My Mobile. Which ultimately results in no way left to find the stolen phone. 

What should You Do First To Protect Your Samsung Data?

If your device is already stolen, we suggest going through our article on What to do if your Samsung flagship is stolen. That’s It!

Tips To Protect Samsung Phone Data From Thieves 

There are many essential features to tamper with; the best part is it can protect digital data from thieves. So if you don’t know what they are, continue reading our article. 

Use Strong Password On Samsung

Yes, a strong password is an ultimate solution rather than Face ID or Touch ID. While creating a password, make sure to create a longer and trickier Alphanumeric Password that is tough to crack. Moreover, we auto lock screen for 30 Seconds. It will ensure that the device turns off if no activity is found for longer.

Ignore Typic Password In Public Place

You should ignore writing passwords in public places. Yes, as per Law Enforcement Officials, criminal uses different techniques to get known with device password. Therefore, when moving into a public place, cover your screen, additionally use a privacy screen protector. 

Add Password To Apps On Samsung

Besides adding a password to the lock screen, we suggest configuring the password for applications too. However, there is no built-in way to set up a password app; in this scenario, you need to install best password manager app, for instance, LastPass, Dashlane, 1Password, etc. 

Ignore Keeping Sensitive Information As Photos And Videos

If you ever captured a photo or video of crucial documents like Cards, Licenses, Passports, etc., instantly delete them from your device.

Ignore Using Public Wi-Fi

Never authenticate the Bank Websites when connected to public Wi-Fi networks, as they are less secure than private Wi-Fi. And can be easily cracked by hackers. 

Protect Your Samsung Phone Data From Thieves 

That’s how you can smartly protect Samsung data from thieves. I hope this article makes you vigilant and mindful when it comes to the security of your Samsung flagship. In addition to that, if we forget any of the technique that you are familiar and it’s not mentioned in the article, let’s us know in the below comment box.

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