How to Add Galaxy S10 Watermark to Galaxy S10 Camera Pictures

Add Watermark to Galaxy S10 Camera pictures

After purchasing Samsung Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus or S10e, if you didn’t get an option to watermark Galaxy S10 Photos, isn’t it sad? Don’t get disappointed, that’s not going to happen, because Samsung S10 flagship allows us to add watermark on particular photos. Other smartphones also offer a similar function, however there only one way to add watermark on pictures and once you enabled that option, the phone will add watermark on all the pictures. Unlike, in Samsung S10 you can add watermark on the pictures you want to add.

Adding Galaxy S10 watermark to your pictures is very easy, just like we add stickers on images right from the Gallery app. Resize and place the watermark where it suits the most, otherwise, it may blow your shot. You might be thinking of why advertise Samsung for free by adding watermark on pictures. The question is valid, however, it’s your choice whether to add watermark on photo or not.

How to Watermark Samsung S10 Photos?

  1. Open the Gallery app or Photos app.
  2. Look for the photo in which you want to add Samsung Galaxy S10 watermark.
  3. Tap on Edit symbol (pencil icon).
  4. Select the Sticker symbol, located at the third position with a smiling face.
  5. Tap on Calendar
  6. There you will find the Galaxy S10 watermark, to put on the image.
  7. Resize, and place the watermark wherever you want in the following image.
  8. Lastly, tap Save.

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