Grid Studio’s Framed Samsung Galaxy S Art: Décor your Home

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Being a Samsung freak, I can’t stop myself to review Grid Studio’s dissembled Samsung Galaxy S, an ultimate out-of-the-world décor prospect. Back when Samsung announced its first Samsung Galaxy S Series phone, who would have guessed, that Galaxy S phones will be the most successful series of all time. With a very innovative idea, Grid Studio has taken initiative to bring back your good old memories, and for some people, remembering their first mobile phone is more than anything.

If we look at the collection, Grid Studio indulged in making framed Mobile Phones like iPhone, Samsung Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia, and Game Console including Nintendo, Sony, and Sega and the collection doesn’t end here, they’ve also got an Apple Watch in a cluster.

In an A3 Sized Frame of 11.7 x 16.5 inches, the Phone is broken down and they’ve displayed tiny-tiny components of Samsung Galaxy S, glued neatly and labeled clean enough to highlight each component of the phone, which we won’t get a chance to know in daily wear and tear routine. Just to name a few, it has Home Button, Flex Cable, Screen Frame, Speaker, Touch Screen, Rear Camera, Front Camera, and whatnot.

Its transparent plastic cover can be removed, if you want to touch and feel the components, however, we do not suggest this, as there are chances that dust will hit the inside space and of course, it’d be difficult to clean.

Now when it comes to pricing, it varies from device to device, at the time of writing this article, the Samsung Galaxy S Frame is available at £135.86, the original price is £159; roughly you’re getting a 15% Discount. That’s the price you will have to pay to surprise your friend, colleague, siblings, or of course yourself, who’s a great fan of Samsung.

Where to Buy This?

Grid Studio has its own dedicated website where all the products are listed with price and other details. Fortunately, they ship worldwide and accept almost all the popular payment methods, which leaves no doubt for you to hesitate to place an order at Grid Studio. Just visit the Grid Studio Website on any browser, navigate to the product you want to buy, and place an order after filling in all the necessary information.  

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