Galaxy S20 Wireless Charging Not Working: 9 Tips to Fix

Galaxy S20 Wireless Charging Not Working

Galaxy S20 wireless charging not working is a common problem. Many users across the globe have reported the same problem. But the best part is the issue gets resolved without any technical support requirement. If you are facing the same issue with your flagship, here are some practical troubleshooting steps you need to perform.

Place the Samsung Phone at the Center of Charger

Though it sounds unuseful, not accurately placing the Samsung S20 phone on the sweet spot of the charger pad can cause the problem. It can lead to slow charging and, in worst case, not charging at all. The best position to place the phone is at the center of the charging pad. If you aren’t confident about it, use the manual you receive with it.

Clean Charging Pad

Grime, dust, debris, or water on the Charging Pad can hinder the charging. Thus it needs to be cleaned every time. For this, you can use cotton cloth but ensure the fabric isn’t wet. 

Check Incompatibility Issue

Wireless charging can fail in case charging pad is incompatible with your device. Conversely, there are chances the defective charging pad is bad. For this, try juicing up the Samsung S20 with an alternative charger. If the flagship receives proper charging, there might be chances of incompatibility. 

Use Different Charging Cable And Power Adapter

Unlike the Charging Pad, the issue might be with cable and adapter. Thus, considering using an alternative charging cable and adapter is a better option. Hopefully, your problem will get resolved. 

Remove Your Case

The wireless charging uses electromagnetic induction to transfer current from the charging pad to your Samsung S20. At the same point, the Samsung S20 case you are presently using is incompatible. To rule out such possibilities, detach the phone case and try juicing your device. 

Enable Fast Wireless Charging

If you are experiencing slow wireless charging, then before. You might have accidentally disabled the Fast Wireless Charging. Here is how you can turn it on.

  1. Head to Settings.  
  2. Choose Battery & Device Care.
  3. Select Charging.
  4. Hit Fast Charging. Atlast, enable Fast Wireless Charging. 

That’s It!

Force Restart Your Device

Software bugs or minor glitches can prevent the wireless charging of your Samsung S20. You can resolve it by force restart. To do so, press the Volume Low and Power Buttons simultaneously until you see the Samsung on the screen, and device vibrates. That’s It!

Update Your Device

Another best way to fix the Software Glitch is updating your device to the latest operating system. And since the bugs are very annoying, they can lead to several issues, including wireless charging not working on Samsung S20. For this, head to Settings > Software Update. If the new OS is available, hit on Download And Install. 

Contact Samsung Support And Charging’s Pad Manufacturer

If everything else fails, contacting Samsung support is the best way to resolve the problem. Luckily, it takes a little while to reply to the customers. Providing detailed information regarding the issue will help Samsung support, and accordingly, they will offer the solution. Besides this, you can also contact charging pad’s manufacturer for further support.  

Galaxy S20 Wireless Charging Not Working Got Fixed!

Hopefully, the troubleshooting mentioned above will get rid of the issue. Which of the tricks helped you out? Let us know in the below comment box. 

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