[Fixed] Samsung S10e Stuck on Black Screen of Death

S10e stuck on black screen on death

Rely upon how the issue begins, the Samsung S10e stuck on the black screen of death could be a genuine hardware issue or petty firmware issue. If you have expelled your device on a tough surface and then the randomly shut down of your Samsung Galaxy S10e takes place. If this why your Samsung Galaxy S10e screen won’t turn on then you will say its physical damage. Besides this, if the problem begins without physical damage, then it’s seemingly something you can solve.

This troubleshooting method is reported for the screen that goes black of the Samsung Galaxy S10e that hasn’t been produced by liquid or physical damage. If you are the owner of this device and phasing a similar kind of issue, carry on reading the blog it may be helpful to you. You only need to perform a few numbers of the procedure to fix Screen goes black of the Samsung Galaxy S10e problem that is created by any software.

Fix Galaxy S10e Stuck on Black Screen of Death

Force Restart the Device

The Randomly shutdown of Samsung Galaxy S10e, most of the time occurs due to firmware crashing notably if there has not been any powerful action that may root it. The device may crash to end time and this takes place more usually when there are multiple numbers of apps are working. When this goes on, your Samsung Galaxy S10e looks like it is switched off with a black screen and unresponsive for a longer time when you hold on the Power Button.

Force reboot will solve your Samsung Galaxy S10 that randomly shuts down. Force reboot will make the device responsive again. It is the most effective way to fix the problem when the device gets frozen. To perform it follow the below steps.

  • Hold down the Volume Low Button and the Power Button at the similar time for 10-15 seconds until the symbol appears.

After performing this procedure still, the device is unresponsive, then tries to perform this process for few more times.

  • Hold down the Power Button.
  • At the same time press and hold the Volume Low Button.
  • Keep both button hold together for 10-15 seconds.

The next process is similar to the first but this time we are verifying that you won’t need to press the Power button at the beginning because that wouldn’t produce the same output. If your Samsung Galaxy S10e still has the black screen death after performing these processes, then move forward to the next process.

Charge the Device and Force Restart It

It is feasible that the device has a low battery sooner we carry on it, try to detect if it counters to charge by attaching it to the original charger. If the device charge usually, permits it to reach a minimum of 20% and verify if it switches on.

Diversely, if the device doesn’t reply to its charger, then there is a possibility of firmware crashed sooner the device was forcibly turn off due to low battery. According to me, a low battery is indeed not an issue as most often the device would instantly reply when it is attached to the charger. If the firmware is crashed then your device is dealing with a serious issue. To fix it follow the given below steps.

  • Verify the charger is connected to a working charger socket.
  • Connect the device to the charger using the original USB cable.
  • Without worry whether the device shows the charging logo or not, remain it connected to the charger for a maximum of 10 minutes.
  • Charger the device for a few minutes, hold down the Power Button and the Volume Low Button together until the symbol appears on the screen.

Contact Samsung

The Black screen of death of Samsung Galaxy S10e yet not fixed then carry it to the service center of Samsung. I hope this procedure will help you to solve when Screen goes black of your Samsung Galaxy S10.

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