Fix Unfortunately Gallery has Stopped error on Samsung S10

Gallery has stopped error on S10

The error notification “Unfortunately, Gallery has stopped” on your Samsung Galaxy S10 is because your build in videos and images are damaged. Mainly this type of issue is due to a minor bug or it could be a crucial firmware issue. So you need to perform all the tricks to finds the reason behind this error.

We have detected this type of issue on the previous model of Samsung. So, we know the tricks to fix the Gallery stop error on Samsung Galaxy S10. If you are the owner of Samsung Galaxy S10 and going through the gallery keep stopping issue on Samsung Galaxy S10 then you continue to read this post. You don’t need the expertise to fix this type of issue just perform simple steps.

Trick 1: Restart your phone first

If you are facing Unfortunately Gallery Stopped error on Samsung Galaxy S10 for the first time then you no need to anguish more about it. It could be just a minor bug, so by restarting the device, you can fix this issue. Rather than this, you can also perform a force restart on your Samsung Galaxy S10. Because force restart is the most essential procedure to encounter the firmware or app problem.

How to force restart Samsung Galaxy S10?

  • Hold the Volume Low Button + Power Button at the same time for 10-15 seconds.

After doing this your device will restart as usual but memory and services are refreshed. Open your Gallery and verify the issue. If the issue is not solved move further to the next trick.

If the issue is within the app then it is the best method to fix “Unfortunately, Gallery Stopped” and Gallery keeps crashing on S10. It will clear all the data of the Gallery and set it as default.

  • Scroll down from the Main Screen to open Notification Tray.
  • From Notification Traytap on the Settings icon that is present on top-right corner.
  • Search and touch Apps.
  • Tap Gallery.
  • Hit Storage.
  • Touch Clear Cache.
  • Select Clear Data.
  • Hit OK.

Now verify the issue, if still it is not fixed move further to the next trick.

Trick 3: Delete the System Cache

Crashed system cache can affect applications even after resetting Gallery and issue still carry on. By clearing the system cache, it can fix the issue because it is replaced by a new cache.

How to Delete the System Cache on Samsung Galaxy S10?

  • Switch off the device.
  • Hold the Volume High Button + Bixby Button, simultaneously hold the Power Key.
  • When the symbol of Android is highlighted, free all the buttons.
  • Hold the Volume Low Key for multiple time to highlight Wipe Cache Partition.
  • Use the Power Button to select given options.
  • Press the Volume Low Key to feature
  • Hold the Power Button to select.
  • Reboot System Now, is featured after completion of Wipe Cache partition.
  • Hold the Power Button to restart Smartphone.

This process takes more time to complete. After completion of this process, verify the issue. If still, the Gallery has stopped unexpectedly on Samsung Galaxy S10 is show up then move to further steps.

Trick 4: Backup your files and factory reset your device

After completion all these tricks, still this is not fixed then there is no option rather than resetting the device. It will remove every single file from your S10 including cache files, temporary files, other documents and more.

Note: Backup all the important data from your device to PC. Performing the reset will clear all the data from your device, so backup the device.

  • Power off the device.
  • Press the Volume High Key + Bixby Button, immediately hold the Power Button.
  • Free all the keys when the symbol of Android is highlighted.
  • Hold the Volume Low Button much time to feature ‘Wipe Data/ Factory Reset’.
  • Hold the Volume Low Keyto feature ‘YES- Delete All User Data’.
  • Use the Power Key to begin the Master Reset.
  • Now ‘Reboot System Now’ has appeared.
  • Press the Power Button to restart the Samsung Galaxy S10.
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