Fix Screen Flickering issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Screen flickering issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 10
Screen flickering issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The display of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is delicate, therefore small damage could blackout the Note 10’s screen. The very first solution is to install one of the best screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy Note 10. But if screen flickering occurring all of sudden without any hardware damage? At that time, the problem is with software, which means the phone is affected by a software glitch or malware.

Considering the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 screen flickering issue, we have listed a few workarounds. The solutions mentioned below are particularly described for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

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Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Screen Flickering Issue

Trick 1: Force Reboot your Note 10

If the screen flickering problem occurred on your Note 10 for the first time, then a force restart is recommended. This should remove the minor software glitches that are arising randomly. Here’s how you can force restart the phone.

  • Press and hold the Power button and Volume down button until the device turns off and on.
  • When the device vibrates, release the buttons and let the phone restart.

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Trick 2: Adjust Brightness

Usually, screen flickering problems on Samsung phones occurs when we lower down the display brightness. While using the phone with moderate or high brightness, screen flickering problem on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is eliminated. However, you can adjust the brightness right from the notification panel.

Trick 3: Enable Safe Mode

If force restarting or configuring brightness settings didn’t fix the display issues of Samsung Galaxy Note 10, then you should analyze the installed apps. Some users install random apps from the distrustful platform and later face software issues like this. Not all the time, it happens, so we are telling you to verify by putting the device in Safe Mode. Once the Safe Mode is enabled, all the third-party applications will be disabled. If the screen flickering problem is resolved, in safe mode, then uninstall the third party applications one by one.

  • Shut down your device.
  • Now, press and hold the Power button and release when Samsung logo appears.
  • Immediately press and hold the Volume down key until the phone restarts completely.
  • On the bottom left screen, the Safe Mode badge is displayed.

To disable Safe Mode, restart the phone.

Trick 4: Factory Reset Note 10

Factory data reset is the last option available to fix software related issues like Note 10 screen flickering issue. This trick is used to eliminate most complex bugs and glitches that might not be removed with the above solutions. You might be wondering that why we didn’t mentioned this trick at the very first? The only reason is, after performing factory reset, all the data is wiped. However you can create the backup like this,

How to Backup Samsung Galaxy Note 10

  • Go to the Settings app > Cloud and accounts.
  • Select Backup and restore.

Master Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 10

  • Get back to the Settings
  • Select General Management > Reset.
  • Tap Factory data reset and again tap Reset.
  • Enter password, if asked.
  • Tap Continue and Delete all to factory data reset the phone.

Trick 5: Contact Samsung Support

If the screen is damaged, then it comes under hardware damage which cannot be resolved by trying the aforementioned tricks. In that case, first of all check the warranty of your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and if it is under warranty period then visit the Samsung Service Centre. They will diagnose the phone and will fix the screen flickering issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

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