Fix Samsung S21 (Plus/Ultra) Won’t Turn On: 8 Solutions

Is your Galaxy S21 won’t turn on out of the box? If yes, then the below workarounds won’t be able to fix the problem, instead, you need Samsung Technicians or maybe a replacement. Though phones are always tested, sometimes these things happen with electronic devices. Alternatively, there’s another case, if the device was working well, but out of nowhere, it turned off, then try these potential tricks to fix the Fix Samsung S21 (Plus/Ultra) won’t turn on.

Starting with verifying the battery status to force restarting the device, you should try all of them. Let us know, which solution did work for you.

How to Fix Galaxy S21/S21 Plus/S21 Ultra Not Turning On

Connect Charger

Have you determined the battery status of Galaxy S21, S21Plus, and S21Ultra before the device went off? It might be possible that the phone is dead to 0% battery and isn’t turning on. In such cases, before making any decisions, try to charge the phone and leave it for one or two hours.

Alternatively, you can try different chargers, or use Wireless Charger if you have one. If there’s any problem with charging connector, at least the wireless charger would work.

Force Restart the Phone

While normal restart isn’t working with your phone, try force rebooting it. Force restart is pretty useful to deal with app freezing, software crashing issues. Who knows the system is crashing and that’s why the Galaxy S21 isn’t turning on.

  • Press and hold the Volume down button and Power button for 7 seconds, the Samsung logo should appear.

Force Restart while Charger is Connected

I’ve mentioned the way to force restart the device, all you have to do is, connect the charger to the phone and perform the steps to force restart.

Check for Hardware Damage

Did you drop the phone? Or the device came in contact with liquid? This is the very first thing needs to be verified when the Samsung S21 won’t turn on at all. You may ask your family or friends, just in case, you have given your phone to someone and thereafter it stopped working.

Examine the device closely for charging port damage, check the back for swollen battery or cracked display. If you don’t find anything, jump to other solutions to troubleshoot software damage.

Is Samsung S21 Getting Hot?

To prevent any casualties, often smartphone turns off on getting hot. If you find such instances where device is overheating, shut down all the apps and programs and let it cool down. Remove all the accessories including case to speed up the cooling.

Remove MicroSD Card

Corrupted microSD Card won’t let the phone turn on or will cause other damages like app crashing and firmware crashing, which ultimately prevents the phone from responding. Remove the MicroSD Card and try booting the device.

Use Wireless Charger

To determine whether the problem is with the charging port or not, it is recommended to charge the device wirelessly. You never know, if the Samsung S21 is charging properly over a wireless charger if there’s hardware damage within the charging port or the charger itself. Here are some best wireless charger recommendations you must check.

Contact Samsung Support

We’ve mentioned all the possible ways to fix the Samsung S21 won’t turn on, especially if it’s a software issue. And since none of the above tricks worked and help you turn on the device, you need to immediately contact Samsung Support for further assistance.

How do I fix my Samsung Galaxy S21 that won’t turn on?

Firstly, make sure it is charged enough, the charging port is not damaged, the charger and cable is working, and most importantly, connect the phone to charge and leave it for some time.

How do I fix Samsung Galaxy S21 black screen of death?

Samsung S21 black screen but vibrates? It indicates the system is working perfectly fine, there’s some problem with the display. Connect the charger to the device and if it doesn’t work, you may take the device to Samsung’s Service Center to get it fixed.

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