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Fix S Pen Not Working on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

S Pen Not Working on Samsung S22 Ultra

Is S Pen not working on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra? S Pen is not recognized by Samsung S22 Ultra? There are many reasons behind S Pen not working or keeps disconnecting. It could be outdated firmware, and incompatible case, or an app not supporting S Pen. No worries, this tutorial will show you all the potential solutions to overcome this issue and get S Pen in workable condition like before.

After waiting for a decade, Samsung officially made S Pen available for the Samsung Galaxy S series with S22 Ultra. We understand, how curious you would be to use Air Actions, Control different aspects of the phone with S Pen, and more, but nothing is possible without fixing S Pen issues with Samsung S22 Ultra.

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Fix Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra S Pen Not Working

Restart Phone

If it’s a minor bug, then with a simple restart S Pen will start working again. Once the phone reboots fully, S Pen will reconnect.

  1. Press and hold Power Off button and choose Restart. Confirm Restart.

Remove Case or any other Accessories

Fortunately, or unfortunately, we’ve gobs of options to choose from when it comes to Screen Protectors, Cases and other accessories. Not all of them assure full compatibility with Samsung S22 Ultra and if you’ve opted for such case or screen protector or other accessories, it might cause such issues. Cases with Magnetic closures and clasps could interfere with S Pen and wont let it respond. Same with Screen Protectors, try removing the case and then give it a try. If it doesn’t work, then you might want to remove screen protector too.

Change S Pen Tip

With time S Pen Tip needs replacement, but if your S Pen is fresh and new and you’re sure of no damage is done to the S Pen, then you should be worried or still have to change the S Pen Tip. Out of the box, you’ve had received S Pen replacement tip, use the same and replace it.

  1. With the help of changing tool, remove the old S Pen tip.
  2. And then gently push the new S Pen tip by hand only, you’ll hear a slight click sound when tip is inserted correctly.

Use S Pen with Alternate Device

Have another Samsung Note or S Series phone? Then you can test S Pen with other devices and if it is working perfectly, then there’s no issue with S Pen. All the Galaxy Note phones are compatible with S Pen, however, only Samsung Galaxy S21 Series is compatible with S Pen, if we talk about Samsung Galaxy S Series.

If S Pen is not working with other compatible devices, then you can go for replacement or repair.

Check for Updates

Navigate to the Settings > Software Update and then Check for Updates. Download and install if there’s any update available. This will eradicate all the possibilities of errors and issues that are caused by a software glitch.

If S Pen is Not Working on Bottom Part of Screen

The bottom part of the display has a navigation bar and that could be a reason why the S Pen is not working on the lower part of the screen, but working everywhere else.

  • Tap or touch the lower part of the screen slowly when using the S Pen.
  • Enable multiple S Pens settings on your device. Navigate to Settings, select Advanced features, and then tap S Pen. Tap the switch next to Allow multiple S Pens to turn this on or off.
  • Disable Block gestures with S Pen. Navigate to Settings, tap Display, and then tap Navigation bar. Under Swipe gestures, tap the switch next to “Block gestures with S pen” to turn this off.
  • Use Navigation buttons instead of Navigation gestures. Navigate to Settings, tap Display, and then tap Navigation bar. Tap Navigation buttons, and then try using the S Pen.

Contact Samsung Support

Still S Pen not working or keeps disconnecting with Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, in that case you need to rush to Samsung Support and get assistance from them.

Alternative to S Pen?

Well, there’s no better alternative to S Pen, but still there are many people who uses third-party Stylus with Samsung phones. If you’re interested in the same, check out the list of best alternatives to S Pen now.

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