8 Fixes Fingerprint Scanner Not Working Samsung S21Ultra,S21

Samsung S21 Ultra, S21 Fingerprint not working with tempered glass? The fingerprint sensor is one of the easiest ways to unlock the device while protecting the device. I’ve seen many Samsung S21 users report the Samsung S21 fingerprint sensor not working with or without a screen protector. We’ve prepared these effective solutions to pull the bug out of the device and get back the fingerprint sensor functionality back again.

It could be a software bug, dirt/dust, or a hardware issue, which is why the fingerprint does not recognize the Samsung S21Ultra, S21Plus, or S21. Before everything else, make sure to update the device to the latest version.

Fix Samsung S21Ultra, S21, S21Plus Fingerprint Not Working

Enable Touch Sensitivity on Samsung

Your Samsung Galaxy S21 lets you increase or decrease the Touch Sensitivity. Since we prefer to use tempered glass protectors, due to this, the original touch sensitivity is lost, and therefore Touch Sensitivity needs to be enabled. So if your Samsung S21 Ultra fingerprint sensor not working with the screen protector, let’s enable the Touch Sensitivity.

  1. Go to the Settings app on your phone.
  2. Tap on Display.
  3. Turn On Touch sensitivity.

Force Restart Phone

If the Touch Sensitivity didn’t resolve the fingerprint not working on Samsung S21, then try to force restart the phone. What if your device is failed to determine the fingerprint and the software crashes internally, force restarting the device will help.

It will close all the apps and background processes running behind the system and will stop the conflicts between the system.

  • Press and hold the Power/Bixby and Volume Down button until the SAMSUNG logo appears.

Update Firmware

Updating System Software is another most remarkable solution to fix the problems like Samsung S21 fingerprint not recognizing and of course other issues that you even don’t know. The new updates bring bug fixes as well as new features to make the device smooth with new-gen features.

  1. Open the Settings App.
  2. Go to System Updates.
  3. Tap Check for system updates.
  4. Download and install updates if available.

Clean the Screen

With the dirt and dust on the screen, fingerprints won’t work at all. It’s time to fix your routine to clean the screen with a soft piece of cloth, especially the fingerprint scanner area. Once it is done, check if the fingerprint sensor is working or not.

Re-Add Fingerprint/Add Alternate Fingerprint

Sometimes due to corrupt biometrics, your device isn’t able to detect the fingerprint. To rule out the possibilities, you should remove and re-add the fingerprint. And it’s always recommended to add an alternate fingerprint sensor.

  1. Go to the Settings App.
  2. Tap Lock screen and security.
  3. Tap Fingerprint scanner.
  4. Select Edit button on the upper screen.
  5. Go to Manage Fingerprints and remove the fingerprint.
  6. Once it is done, add the fingerprint.

Wipe Cache Partition

Wiping the cache partition will remove the cache of the entire system without affecting the personal data and settings. So let’s take a look at how it can be done.

  1. If your phone is running Android 10 or later, connect the phone to a PC or Laptop via USB cable, and then turn off the phone. Now press the Volume Up button and Bixby/Power button until the Samsung logo displays.
  2. Choose Wipe cache partition, use the Volume buttons to navigate to the Wipe cache partition.
  3. Press the Power button to select Wipe cache partition.
  4. Then reboot the system now.

Remove Screen Protector

There are a lot of screen protectors available in the market, and differentiating real ones from duplicates is a bit tough. Incompatible screen protectors might not respond all the time, or the fingerprint sensor won’t work on Samsung S21 Ultra, S21, or S21 Plus at all.

Go check and confirm the compatibility of the screen protector and if it is not supported, remove the screen protector and buy a new one.

Factory Data Reset

Though this is a tough decision, but there’s no other option left, backup the device and reset the phone.

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Tap General management.
  3. Tap Reset > Factory data reset.
  4. Read the disclosure of what you will be losing after factory data reset.

Why is S21 fingerprint not working?

Fingerprint sensor not working on Samsung S21 could be because of an incompatible screen protector or corrupted fingerprint data. You may change the screen protector and remove and re-add the fingerprint.

How do I reset fingerprint on Samsung Galaxy S21?

Go to Settings app > Biometrics and security > Fingerprint Scanner > Select the Fingerprint and remove it. This is how you can reset the fingerprint from the Samsung Galaxy S21.

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