Fix Facebook Not Loading Pictures on iPhone, Android

Facebook is the most used social media platform used throughout the world. It’s by, the most popular social media platform with an active user of 2.85 billion. And we are sure that out of 10 people 9 of them communicate just through Facebook. This is why there are various bugs encountered by the people on a different OS such as Facebook not working on iPhone 11, or Facebook not working on Android.

Don’t worry! it can be a minor bug that can be solved by performing effective workarounds. If you are one of them that continuously receiving “unfortunately, Facebook not working” then continue to read the article and perform it on your device, no matter if it’s iPhone or Android devices.

Fix Facebook Won’t Load Pictures on iPhone, Android  

Verify the Internet Connection

Before proceeding with any kind of workaround to fix the Facebook app won’t open 2021, or else some users of iOS encounter Facebook not working on iPhone today, check out the most common thing! Called INTERNER. On an iOS device try to connect it with a Wi-Fi connection or assure that you have an active internet connection from the control center. You should also verify mobile data is turned on for the Facebook application.

  • On an iOS device go to Settings > Facebook > Turn On the mobile data from the section.
  • On an Android device, swipe down the Notification Bar > Enable the Wi-Fi or else Enable Mobile Data.

ADMIN Has Removed Picture

There is a chance that the Admin of the group might clear the profile picture that you trying to feature. In such a case, you might encounter Facebook not loading properly. For this, you need to get in touch with the admin itself.

Did the admin of the group copy the similar unlicensed images from an unlicensed source? Upon the action of the admin, Facebook might give an alert regarding the copyright issue. Because there are chances where the images you are using already encounter copyright issues. And that’s you are regularly encountering “can’t connect to Facebook but the internet is working”.

Check Facebook For Outage

Facebook doesn’t work perfectly all the time. As the company currently suffered through a huge outage. You navigate to Downdetector and look for Facebook. If you have to capture high spikes, it confirms the world user is capturing Facebook not working on mobile data or else facebook not working safari iPhone. So for this, you need to wait for a couple of days as this global Facebook issue can be only fixed by Facebook itself.

Clear Facebook App Cache (Android)

Unlike the other apps, Facebook has storage of cache which helps to increase the performance of Facebook by increasing the app loading speed. And if this cache experience overburden or else get corrupted you might encounter “Facebook not working android 2021”.

  • Search for the Facebook from the Android App Screen.
  • Long-press on the Facebook icon and navigate to the App Info Menu.
  • Hit Storage & Cache Menu.
  • Hit Clear Cache.

Give Facebook Unrestricted Data Usage (Android)

Are you running the Facebook application using the data saver mode turned on on the android device? you might capture why is Facebook not working today, this happens due to the limited internet bandwidth. And as we all know to run Facebook we require higher bandwidth internet. To do so, simply disable data saver mode.

Use Facebook in Browser

If you having an issue with not loading images on the Facebook app, you need to os copy the link and paste it to the web browser. Additionally, you can also the Facebook through a desktop.

Update Facebook App

Ensure that the version of the Facebook application you are using is updated. Go to the App Store or Google Play, search Facebook and if you see the Update button, hit it and wait for some time until it gets updated.

Why Is Facebook Not Opening Pictures?

There are chances where the Cache and network configuration can some haw get corrupted, you might be experiencing various kinds of problems including Facebook not loading images. For that try to perform a clear cache of the FaceBook app and reset network settings.

Why Is Facebook Not Showing Picture On My Phone?

Ensure that your device has the updated version of the FaceBook app and browser. If not then instantly update the browser & app and verify if still issue fixed or not.

Why Can’t I See Pictures On FaceBook On My iPhone?

Deleting and then re-installing the application will load the application with newer cache files on your iOS devices. And if you fail to clear cache, Facebook won’t load images. 

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