How to Download YouTube Videos in Samsung?

download youtube videos without any software

There are many ways to download youtube videos in a Samsung Galaxy S10 . You can use any method you want. Let’s see the method for this in detail.

Methods 1. Using an online web tool

The online web tool is very useful for downloading youtube videos. You just need to copy a video URL and paste. This tool provides a various option for video downloading such you can select the resolution and the file type of video. We are going to show the most popular online web tool for downloading video,

1) Find an URL of the video you want to download and copy it
2) Visit Here Online youtube downloader and paste the link in the mentioned tool.
3) If you want to download a video in any another format like MP3, MP4 or AVI. Then select an option available below. Otherwise, it will download the video in MP4 or FLV format.
4) It shows all the possible video resolution available with the file size. Select the resolution you need and press start.
5) Now, click on the download button.

Web tool for downloading a youtube video

The easiest way to download a youtube is by modifying the video URL as shown below.
For example:

video URL is:

Then just add SS before youtube and you will redirect to the download page.

video URL is:

Note: You can use this method to download youtube videos without any software in an Android smartphone, iPhone and iPad too.

Method 2. Using the extension

Many online tools for the extension of the hassle-free process. You just need to install the extension ones. It will be useful if downloads the video frequently from the youtube. The most popular extension for that,


1) Install the extension.
2) Open the video you want to download.
3) It will show all available video formats.
4) Click on the download to start the download.

Note: Downloading a youtube video is against the youtube policy. We do not promote this type of activity. The post is for only educational purposes.

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