Disable Google Assistant on OnePlus 7 Pro, and OnePlus 7

disable google assistant on oneplus 7 pro

Google Assistant can approximately do all things online for the user. The smart assistant can be found by you on your PC, tab, smart speakers and many other tools which are recently launched in Google messaging app Allo. Google assistant can be beneficial you with searches, beneficial for organizing your task. However, Popping up time to time for no sense is a distinct habit of Google assistant. This can be just like causing irritation, especially when it interferes when something important you performing. It is also quite irritating when robotic noise comes out from your pocket unexpectedly.

How Do I Turn Off Google Assistant On OnePlus 7 Pro And OnePlus 7

Why does Google Assistant pop up?

When you press your device main button for a long time at that time Google assistant usually pops up. Alternatively, it can also pop up even when the device is placed safely in your pocket if it has a physical main Key. Different companies also integrated a special key for it, mainly placed on the side of their device. If you had abundant of Google Assistant’s uncertain antics, here are two possible procedures.

Procedure 1: Turn off Google Assistant by Deactivating it Completely

How can I disable Google Assistant in OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 7

  1. Press the Main Key for a long time so the Google assistant can pop up.
  2. Press the Mailbox & Email icon on the right.
  3. Press the three dots which is located at the topmost right direction.
  4. Hit the Settings on the list that pop up.
  5. Turn the Google Assistant to the left side to disable it.

 Procedure 2: Disable the Home Popup Button

The button which linked to Google Assistant can be disabled but this solution is not permanent.

  1. Go to the Settings button on the dropdown menu.
  2. Tap the Application Icon.
  3. Go to the Default Applications options.
  4. Select the area of Device Assistant app.
  5. That time, you will be able to choose which app you want to pop up when you press the Main button for a long time. You can also elect no app if you want the shortcut to be immobilized for all Applications.

Procedure 3: Uninstall Updates

A more important procedure of turning off Google Assistant is to disable the OS update and go back to the older version. However, due to this, it will disable all the advanced features provided by the advanced operating system.

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