Receipt Scanner Apps for Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10e

Expense Tracker Apps for Samsung s10

If in case the task is for a personal budget, business expense authority, or tax intent, carrying receipts is quite problematic. But luckily, with upgrading in image identification and financial apps, you can now keep a record of your receipt using your phone.

From normal note saving apps with receipt scanning characters to dedicated expense tracking apps, here are the top 5 Expense Tracker apps for Samsung S10, S10 Plus, and S10e to scan, track, and handle your paper bills.

Best Receipt Scanner Apps for Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, S10e

Zoho’s larger suit contains one part which is known as Zoho expense it contains built-in text identification and receipt management. This makes it useful for tracking expenses and managing receipts.

The complimentary plan gives free scans up to 100 scans per month, which is large permission given compared to the other app. Its scanning is fast and accurate, normally obtaining correct information from a receipt is lesser than a minute but overall this app is effective and expensive.

Download: Zoho Expense

Expensify is one of the most well-known receipts handling apps thanks to its economic report and expense submission aspect. You can take a picture of receipt through the app, produce a large number of reports. You can share this report by simply enter it and send it to the desired email address.

The disadvantage of this app is that it takes a long time to draw out information from images after their picture is captured. These scans can someday take hours, which lesson from the convenience factor of doing the text recognition scan in the first place. The association says that this is because it computes accuracy over-speed but other applications can scan perfectly and much less time.

The ingredient that works in the app’s favor is it’s competent look and its efficiency to track expenses for an appropriate trip.

Download: Expensify

The well-known general note-taking app is Evernote, along with this it can identify pictures with text makes it a convenient receipt storage app. If the user wants to keep receipt registered but don’t need to obtain expense report.

This app captures the image of the receipt to cache along with this it also scans gallery for a picture with text. Once you turn ON this function, Evernote will ask the user when the user captures an image of a receipt with the device main camera and ask if you want to stock it. The correct way to sort your receipts, so that you can easily find them afterword.

Instead of this app if you want a more powerful app you can opt another dedicated app. But if you want an app for a simple process like recording your receipt that you can easily find.

Download: Evernote

There are two types of processes to keep your receipt systematized by using Google Photos-either through its assimilation with Google Assistant or by Google Photos app. You can also approach it on Android, but it’s available through another app, which is more advantageous.

When it is applied with Assistant we can use the keyword Show me my receipt to obtain a list of your newest receipt. Comparing Android Orea with Android Pie, Android Pie is better able to identify and sort multiple receipts. With the help of Google Photos, we can sort multiple receipts.

This app cannot use to obtain the report for the user still they are useful in storing your multiple receipts. The best reason to use this app is that they already install in an android device.

Download: Google Lens

Download: Google Photos

In the list of the dedicated app, the most known app is a Smart receipt that has the capability to obtain visualization and reports. It contains different types of customization settings to help you to arrange your receipt according to your desire.

The major problem behind this app is that the free plan needs you to purchase OCR scans if you don’t need manual input. Only two free OCR scans are received by you and the remaining are purchased inside the app. This would be better for the user those who wanted to pay for the scans, OCR scans are not that accurate for detecting the number of multiple receipts.

Though, the production of the report and graph is a convenient feature of the app. The reality is that the graph is automatically produced is especially available and you can easily remain upgraded to the latest expenses.  With the help of in-app purchase, you will be upgraded to the latest version, which is less in amount than purchasing the smart receipts.

Download: Smart Receipts

The title of the apps indicates it is a business expense tracking tool. It also allows you to search your device gallery for receipts. With the OCR ability is solemnly perfect, that means for editing receipt information doesn’t take much time. The app is free and it doesn’t limit the number of a scan made by you in a month.

The only drawback is that if you want to administrate the receipt after submitting them, you need to log into the Wave website.

Download: Receipts

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