8 Best Waterproof Cases for iPhone 14

Best Waterproof Cases for iPhone 14

Though you may find Waterproof or Water Resistant written in many articles, don’t take iPhone 14 directly into the water without covering it with Waterproof Case. We’ve curated the list of best waterproof cases for iPhone 14. Most waterproof cases promise to give protection to the iPhone at up to 2 meters for 30 minutes; over and above that, your iPhone might get water damaged. And you should not forget that even though the iPhone 14 is water resistant, any water damage to iPhone won’t be covered under warranty by Apple.

But with waterproof cases, you can capture underwater videos and photos without hiccups and prevent dust particles from entering the hardware while you’re doing adventures. Take a look and add an extra layer of protection to iPhone 14.    

Best iPhone 14 Waterproof Cases

Protebox Waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof Case

Protebox Waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof Case

Protebox Case for iPhone 14 is an excellent alternative if you’re looking to safeguard your iPhone from dust, drops, and water. Its fully sealed design ensures protection if the device is submerged in 6.6ft/2m underwater for 1 hour. In addition to an inbuilt screen protector, this one maintains a responsive touch screen and 360-degree coverage towards scratches and daily wear-tear. Works fine with MagSafe Chargers and Wireless Chargers.

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SPIDERCASE IP68 Water Resistance iPhone 14 Case

SPIDERCASE IP68 Water Resistance iPhone 14 Case

Spidercase has made it through by designing a slim and sleek waterproof case for iPhone 14. Till now, you must have found all the cases hefty and bulky, but Spidercase is something everyone needs it. Thanks to its polyurethane construction and 9H HD tempered front glass that maintains the touch sensitivity and screen quality. It is MIL-STD Certified and hence secures the device from dust and drops.

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Temdan iPhone 14 Waterproof Case

Temdan iPhone 14 Waterproof Case

Temdan iPhone 14 Waterproof Case is IP68 Certified, a perfect match for outdoor adventures like surfing, swimming, snorkeling, and many more activities. Your iPhone 14 is absolutely safe when submerged for up to 1.5m for 30 minutes without impacting the device’s performance. Besides, with this full-proof coverage, the iPhone gets the maximum protection from daily wear and tear, scratches, water damage, and more. What else, although the iPhone is covered 360-degree, it gives easy access to all the buttons, ports, and speaker/microphone.

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GOLDJU Waterproof & Dustproof Case for iPhone 14

GOLDJU Waterproof & Dustproof Case for iPhone 14

Get 360-degree Military Grade Drop Protection for iPhone 14, they have tested by dropping the iPhone from 10ft, and over 6000 drops, with no damage, recorded. It protects the iPhone 14 from dust, water, drops, scratches, etc. you get all of these protections without bulking the iPhone. Plus, it comes with an inbuilt screen protector and camera protector, no need to install any additional screen protector, while ensuring the screen and camera clarity. You get to choose from three different color options: Black, Blue, and Pink.

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Dewfoam iPhone 14 Waterproof Case

While it won’t add additional bulk to your pocket, and hands while using it on the go, Dewfoam Waterproof Case is an exceptional protective case for all of your adventures. Ensuring the ports are completely sealed, it prevents water and dust particles from entering into iPhone’s hardware. The back side of the case is transparent, and most importantly it supports wireless charging, without a need to remove the case.

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AICase Waterproof Case with MagSafe Support

AICase Waterproof Case with MagSafe Support

Time to dive into a swimming pool with iPhone 14, shoot videos, and capture underwater moments with amazing iPhone 14 Camera abilities. Effectively secures iPhone 14 from most common damages that tend to occur in our daily routine like scratches, dust, drops, and its bumpy front edge prevents the screen from random scratches that happen when you face device upside down. No need to compromise Face Unlock, Speakers, Camera or any kind of Sensor, everything is easily accessible.

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Sportlink Case for iPhone 14

This Sportlink Design Waterproof Case for iPhone 14 IP68 Certified, Slim, and comes with a built-in screen protector. It can help your iPhone survive underwater at up to 2m for 30 minutes. It comes with a built-in screen protector that ensures smooth navigation while preventing the screen from scuffs and scratches. Plus, a combination of PC and TPU takes care of the backside of the iPhone. What else do you need? Capture mesmerizing photos and shoot videos underwater without worrying about the damage.

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Lanhiem Waterproof Case

Lanhiem Waterproof Case

Out of the package, Lanhiem provides a full-proof installation kit that includes a Case, Alcohol Cleaning Wipe, a Wrist Strap, and a User Manual. Like any other waterproof case, Lanhiem Waterproof Case for iPhone 14 comes with a built-in screen protector to give all-around protection to iPhone when you’re busy capturing underwater shots and doing adventurous activities. Furthermore, the iPhone Camera Lens gets full coverage against all damages.

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Best Underwater iPhone 14 Case for Snorkeling?

Well, there are lot of underwater iPhone 14 Cases available, but the best I can suggest is to go with Temdan or AICase, these cases will keep your iPhone sleek while protecting against water.

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