Best floor stands for Samsung Tab

best floor stands

The best floor stand for Samsung Tab needs to be sturdy, adjustable, and stylish enough to match Samsung’s own neatly created aesthetic, all while helping you to maintain healthy body posture when doing certain activities like watching videos, photos, or reading books when sleeping in bed or standing at the office. We’ve used our technical knowledge and considered various aspects that make it value to money to recommend the best one in our guide below. So if you’re searching for the best companion for your Samsung Tab, let’s jump on to the list of best floor stands to buy right now.

1. Lamicall Tablet Floor Stand


Lamicall is a brand known for its high-quality products, and its floor stand is a popular choice when it comes to the best Samsung Tablet floor stand. It has a height-adjustable feature, which you handily convert from your sitting desk into a standing one. If required, you can rotate your Samsung Tab 360 degrees for comfortable viewing. 

Looking at a built-quality, the floor stand for Samsung Tab is manufactured from aluminum and is pretty durable and sturdy. You can attach the Samsung Tab or any other device between 4 and 12.7 inches with this floor stand. 

2. Elekpopu Tablet Floor Stand


The Elekpopu Tablet floor stand is another option for a portable Tablet stand. It is made from aluminum. It’s a handy product for teachers, salon owners, or entrepreneurs. One of the USPs of the floor stand is adjustable height. So you can take care of your body posture, no matter whether you’re at home, the cafe, or the office. 

The floor stand has a non-slippery bottom on both handles to secure the Samsung Tab in place. Similarly, the clamp holds the device between 4.7 and 11 inches, and the 360-degree rotatable head lets you change the visual angle. 

3. CTA Gooseneck Floor Stand


CTA Gooseneck is among one the most popular stands available out there. Unlike other floor stands, it is manufactured from reinforced heavy aluminum slots and has a flexible design. However, the initial impression of the floor stand might raise doubts about its stability and balance, but ergonomics do come into play and offer undesired stability at work.

The floor stand has a 360-degree head, allowing you to rotate your Samsung Tab for a perfect visual angle. Since the stand boost adjustable tablet holder, you can install a tablet as big as Samsung Tab S7 FE 12.4 inch. 

4. LEVO G2 Deluxe Rolling Tablet Floor Stand


The LEVO Samsung Tab floor stand is another option for a portable floor stand. It is made from aluminum and offers different levels of height adjustment. One of the USPs of the floor stand is the base with a wheel, so you can always move the floor stand from one place to another. 

Unlike other stands, with LEVO, you can adjust a perfect angle to use your Galaxy’s Tab keyboard. Another noteworthy feature is the handy spinning from portrait to landscape mode. 

5. SAMHOUSING Tablet Floor Stand 


SAMHOUSING, the maker of the foldable floor stand, has another Samsung Tab floor stand on offer. It’s a comparatively bigger floor stand and made from Carbon steel + ABS rubber. But what sets it apart is the highly multidirectional clip for watching photos and videos comfortably. 

The Stand has different height adjustments, which can go from 27.5-53 inches. It can hold devices between 4.9 to 12.9 inches. To address stability issues, the SAMHOUSING floor stand includes a set of stability features, such as a metal base, folding arm, and clamp. You can use this floor stand anywhere you want, in an office, at home, Gym, and Kitchen. 

6. Locktek Adjustable PAD Floor Mount Stand


Locktek is a classic floor stand with some additional features. The stand has a paper roll, which you can use while working in the kitchen. The stand has a bendable swivel gooseneck, a sturdy base, and a universal tablet holder. You can handily remove and insert the Samsung Tab sizing between 7-12 inches. 

Moreover, unlike the Floor stand in this line-up, you can adjust the height of Locktek up to 34.6”, which is convenient for various activities, such as reading, watching movies, learning music via an app, taking notes, etc. 

7. Spessn Adjustable Floor Stand 

best floor stands for Samsung tab

This is another Floor stand from the Spessn. Unlike the SAMHOUSING, the Spessn is comparatively bigger than most of the Samsung Tab floor stands. This stand is designed to offer comfort. Besides this, Spessn provides multidirectional clips to watch videos and photos perfectly, and it is compatible with most tablets sized within 4.7-12.9 inches.  

Looking at its built quality, the floor stand is made up of carbon steel, and a reinforced base guarantees a longer service life. You can place it near to couch, bed, chair, and sofa. At last, the floor stand is available in two different color variants Black and White. 

8. Mount-It


The Iddefee floor stand boosts compatibility. It is compatible with numerous devices sizing in between 7.9 to 10.5 inches. The Samsung Tab is capable of meeting all your comfortable viewing position. The first thing about Mount-It floor stands its sleek design. No matter whether you want to use it in the living room, office, bedroom, or kitchen, it is suitable for all kinds of surfaces. 

You can easily insert the tablet measuring up to 10.5 inches. Do note stretching the clips more than required can result in sliding of the mounted device and further hard fall. 

Get the best floor Stands for Samsung Tab!

Adding a solid floor stand to your Samsung Tab makes everything easier. Plus, it reduces complications, enhances body postures, and increases productivity. So which one did you picked up from the above line-up? Do let us know in the comment box. Besides this, to get the most out of your flagship, read our article best accessories for Samsung Tab.

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