Best Samsung Note 20 Ultra Clear Cases in 2023

Best Cases for Samsung Note 20 Ultra

If you’re planning to pre-order the Clear Case for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra before the phone arrives at your doorstep, then continue to read the following article, to explore a wide variety of best cases for Samsung Note 20Ultra. Clear cases are always the top choice for many folks who want to show off the phone’s real beauty at the same time protecting from minor scratches and damages to keep up the pristine condition of such an expensive smartphone.

Unquestionably, the Clear Cases are designed to safeguard the device’s gorgeous texture, but if you dig deeper, these cases can do more than that, it depends on the case you choose. From ultra-thin to bumper cases, we’ve rounded up and came up with an amazing list for the Cases.

Best Clear Cases for Samsung Note 20 Ultra

ESR Metal Kickstand Case for Note 20 UltraESR Metal Kickstand Case for Note 20 Ultra

ESR Kickstand Case is one of the best-recommended cases for Samsung Note 20 Ultra, it comes with a built-in kickstand to reliably use the phone handsfree. The Kickstand conveniently lets you use the phone in both landscape and portrait mode, and when not needed, gently push the kickstand in its correct position. Featuring raised bezel lips to avoid scratches and damages that may occur on the front screen, with all that, the reinforced corners are always ready to protect the phone from drops and bumps.

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Ringke Fusion Matte CaseRingke Fusion Matte Case

Finding the Matte Finish clear case is a bit difficult, however, Ringke made is possible with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The Lanyard holes are included to ensure safety and won’t let the phone dropped if you’ve attached the strap with it. Support Qi-Wireless Charging, PowerShare Charging, covers the device from all around, and thankfully, it costs only $12.

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FLOVEME Hybrid CaseFLOVEME Hybrid Case

Holding the Note 20 Ultra with FLOVEME Hybrid Case is much easier, and of course safe. The Hybrid Material isn’t that bulky compare to other wallet cases, concurrently, protects the phone with three-later design. Wrap up your phone with the FLOVEME Case, the three-layer texture, combining with hard PC and front TPU bumper makes the case even stronger.

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TORRAS Anti-Yellowing CaseTORRAS Anti-Yellowing Case

TORRAS has its own class, in a clear case, they promise Anti-Yellowing, Super Clear hardback fits perfectly across the device. The flexible TPU frame is easy to install, offers a good grip, and always shines through. Its scratch-resistant coating prevents the scuffs and knife scratches thoroughly.

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Temdan Case with Built-in Screen ProtectorTemdan Case with Built-in Screen Protector

If you’re looking for more, then try Temdan Heavy Duty Case with a built-in screen protector for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The TPU Bumper and clear hard polycarbonate material are responsible to preserve the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra from unwanted damages, likewise, it maintains the slim profile of the device. Compatible with Wireless Charging, but don’t support the fingerprint unlock.

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Lamcase Glitter Shiny Clear CaseLamcase Glitter Shiny Clear Case

Lamcase’s this case is highly flexible, fits precisely on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. With the sleek, slim texture, it supports wireless charging, without compromising the charging speed. Besides, if you’re distressed about the camera lens scratches, it features a raised lip around the camera, to prevent direct contact of the camera lens with the surface. Choose from four different patterns and designs.

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ZeroSkin Soft Silicone Protective CaseZeroSkin Soft Silicone Protective Case

While covering every part of the Note 20 Ultra, this case feels awesome in hands. In addition to doubling up the safeguard of the device, your device can shine through the clear case. The case is optimized with the airbag to absorb the heavy impacts of the accidental drops. Alongside, get extra protection for the camera and screen with the raised bezels.

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Meifigno Crystal Blue CaseMeifigno Crystal Blue Case

Meifigno pushes an incredible range of clear cases for the Samsung Note 20 Ultra, whether you own Blue or Golden colored Note 20, they have separate cases right in stock. And if you don’t want any of these cases, then a clear case like the other is also waiting for you. They promise product replacement if the case turns yellow within 360 days of usage, four reinforced corners, raised lips, easy to fit, etc. what more do you need?

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Samsung’s Own Clear CaseSamsung’s Own Clear Case

When it comes to Samsung’s Official Accessories, you’ve to pay a slightly higher amount compared to other brands. However, you get complete assurance of quality, and obviously it grabs the device entirely, leaving no hole behind. Transparent Black and Transparent White, two clear case colors currently available, in the same tough material.

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iMangoo Heavy Duty Clear CaseiMangoo Heavy Duty Clear Case

iMangoo Heavy Duty Clear Case is one of the cheapest clear case available for the Samsung Note 20 Ultra, with the same protective abilities. The Dual-Layer soft TPU shell flexibly covers the device from the backside, with precise cut-outs, and easy snap on and snap off the design.

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