8 Best Privacy Screen Protector For iPhone 14 Pro

Best Privacy Screen Protectors for iPhone 14 Pro

Apple iPhone 14 Pro is equipped with a 6-Core CPU with 2 Performance And 4 Efficiency Cores nearly capable of any professional and high-end work. However, if you use the iPhone 14 Pro everywhere and are always worried about surrounding suspicious eyes from being known to personal, sensitive, and private data. At the same point, you may come across the incident where you nudged something hard or sharp on the delicate iPhone 14 Pro screen that can cause permanent damage, which can be nerve pain as you have been reminded by mistake every single time. 

No worries! With the finest and the best iPhone 14 pro-privacy screen protectorevery part is protected with no compromise in protecting important data from being caught up by strangers. Here in this article, we have curated the list of best privacy screen protectors for iPhone 14 Pro. So kindly go through it and select the best one. 

Top 8 Privacy Screen Protector For iPhone 14 Pro

We have gathered the list of best privacy screen protectors for iPhone 14 Pro; kindly go through each and then lastly decide which one reaches all your needs.  

Fotbor Privacy Screen Protector

fotbor-iPhone 14 Pro Privacy Screen Protector

Fotbor of iPhone privacy screen protectors offers all-around protection. You will receive a total of 2 screen protectors in the box with lifetime service. 

This protective privacy screen protector is manufactured of 9H supper sturdy material with a Thickness Of Only 0.33MM. Additionally, the edge-to-edge design assures protection from every corner of the expensive iPhone 14 pro. Not to mention, Hydrophobic and Oleophobic coating on the glass protects the screen from the oil residue. When privacy main concern this screen from fotbor will never let you down.


  • 9H Hardness
  • Thickness 0.33 MM
  • All-Around Protection


  • Doesn’t Have an Installation Kit

Check Price Of Fotbor Privacy Screen Protector On Amazon

Ailun Pack-Of-Two Privacy Screen Protector

ailun-privacy screen protector for iPhone 14 Pro

Ailun is bundling 2 Screen Protectors and 2 Camera Lens Protectors at the price that you usually pay for just a screen protector. Talking more about value! The extra protector will come as handy when things are messed-up while installing or screen protector cracked up when hard falling. 

The brand peculiarly focused on the privacy feature; designed to keep sensitive, private, personal data or information hidden from the surrounding suspicious eyes, the information can only be when front on the screen. 

With a thickness of just above 0.33MM Ultra-Thickness, the glass protector for iPhone 14 pro never hinders the sensor and touch sensitivity.


  • Includes Camera Lens Protector.
  • 99% Transparency Rate.
  • 9H Hardness 


  • Sometimes Bubbles Appear After the Installation 

Check Price Of Ailun Privacy Screen Protector On Amazon

Cnarery Privacy Screen Protector 

cnanery-screen protector for iPhone 14 Pro

Cnarery Privacy Screen Protector is designed specifically for iPhone 14 Pro in the way that you only view the screen only from a specific angle. This means when your eye is in front of a screen, you can see the iPhone’s display clearly and brighter.  

In the box, you will receive 2 Privacy Screen Protectors and an Installation Kit. Moreover, the Oleophobic Coating Treatment completely fights against the Oil Residue. At the same point, never play around with the screen transparency. 

So will all willing to protect Important Chat, Profiles, or Data while traveling on public transport, the Cnarery is best privacy screen protector for iPhone 14 Pro.


  • Alignement Installation Frame.
  • 12-Months Replacement Guarantee.
  • Cleaning Kit.


  • Sometimes Bubbles Appear After Installation 

Check Price Of Cnarery Privacy Screen Protector On Amazon

MOCOLL Pack Of 2 Privacy Screen Protector


Like various accessories, the MOCOLL privacy screen protector for iPhone 14 Pro seems severely expensive for what it offers. You will receive 2 Strong Privacy Screen Protectors in the box with a price tag 2x times more than other competitors.

Despite that, the 9H Hardness Screen Protector has a 2.5D Curve Edge along with 0.26MM Thickness that adopts Anti-Spy Material that drastically decreases the Screen Light Coverage. The Strongest! As it comes with a 7-Layer Of Strengthened to make it more durable and prevent scratch & collision.  

Well if the money doesn’t matter at all, the Strongest Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro is best choice.


  • Strongest Screen Protector.
  • 9H Hardness.
  • 0.26MM Thickness.


  • Expensive.

Check Price Of MOCOLL Privacy Screen Protector For Amazon

Sorlnern Privacy Screen Protector 

sorlnern-screen protector

If you thought MOCOLL is not an affordable screen protector for iPhone 14 Pro, the Sorlnern is top-notch. This is because you will receive a screen protector that claims 5X better privacy compared to others. Additionally, it claims the screen protector can be sturdy enough to intake the sturdy Scratch.

Manufactured using Ultra-Thin Technology to offer the High-Responsive Touch, at the same point, to maintain Screen Transparency especially while watching a video or playing games. Apart from this, the best screen protector for iPhone protects the screen from oily fingers.


  • Includes Installation Guide
  • Full Private Screen Protector
  • 9H And Anti-Spy.


  • Sometime Bubbles While Installing

Check Price Of Sorlnern Privacy Screen Protector On Amazon

ProCase Pack Of Two Privacy Screen Protector

procase-affordable Screen protector

The ProCase is one affordable screen protector for iPhone 14 Pro. As of now, the screen protector covers each and every part of an expensive iPhone. The display is only visible on viewed directly from the front of the screen. 

Apart from this, it’s strong enough to protect the iPhone from bumps, and scratches, plus, the added Hydrophobic Coating prevents the screen from oil residue. Moving forward, the screen protector never plays with original touch sensitivity as it comes along with 0.33 MM Thickness.

At last, the installation kit on the box offers a bubble-free installation experience. 


  • 0.33MM Thickness.
  • Bubble-Free Installation.
  • Affordable Privacy Screen Protector.


  • Offers Less Privacy Comparatively.

Check Price Of ProCase Pack Of Two Privacy Screen Protector On Amazon

Esanik Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro + Camera Lens Protector

Esanik Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro + Camera Lens Protector

Esanik Privacy Screen Protector is a perfect deal for keeping your sensitive data safe from others while giving a clear view to the person viewing from the front within 25-degree. 9H Hardness and 2.5D round edges offer end-to-end protection against scratches, daily wear, and tear, and of course, drops.

Increase the brightness slightly after installing the screen protector to get a clearer view. Furthermore, you will get a Camera Lens protector in the pack.


  • Pack Includes Camera Lens Protector
  • Affordable
  • Offers Visibility within 25-degree


  • Quite darker, you will need to increase brightness slightly higher than usual.  

Check Esanik Privacy Screen Protector Price

[3+3 Pack] Ferilinso for Apple iPhone 14 Pro Privacy Screen Protector Tempered Glass

[3+3 Pack] Ferilinso for Apple iPhone 14 Pro Privacy Screen Protector Tempered Glass

Why Ferilinso Tempered Glass Protector? Well, they have passed 40,000 times anti-scratch test and that’s pretty much enough for you to make a decision. Somewhat less expensive, but trust me, this is no less than any other screen protector when it comes to protecting iPhone display from multiple damages.

Unlike other privacy screen protectors, Ferilinso is not so dark, and you can use iPhone with regular brightness, and save battery.


  • Pack includes Camera Lens Protector
  • Not So Dark
  • Ensures Responsive Touch


  • None

Check Price of Ferilinso Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro

How We Test Best Privacy Screen Protector For iPhone

When we investigated the privacy screen protector. Using our previous experience while choosing the Best Charging Adapter For iPhone 14 Pro, as a point to start, we tested a MOCOLL Screen Protector for iPhone and aimed to give stress at high intensity including deliberately trying a random fall. 

As of now, we paid attention to the Privacy Feature for each screen protector, as well as the level of privacy they offer. In addition to that, we accounted for all must-have features like Scratch-Proof, Bump-Proof, and Durability. To give it the last touch we collected the review comments from the verified customer to compare the price as per the feature they offer. That’s It!


There is no need for any bottom line to deal with confidential information to vindicate the need for privacy screen protectors. The Ailun Pack-Of-Two Privacy Screen Protector is the best overall as it reaches the universal need of every iPhone user. Off all the display that needs the protector, it’s most likely to prevent them from surrounding vulnerable eye and that’s the reason for the increasing demand for -best privacy screen protector for iPhone 14 Pro. 

Which Screen Protectors Are Best For iPhone?

The screen protector with a privacy feature is considered to the best screen protector for iPhone. As of now, they come with both protection and privacy feature. If convinced to have one, go through the above-mentioned line-up.

Which Is Best Privacy Screen Protector?

The one from the Ailun the best option to go with. To know why go through the mentioned above line-up. Starting with Fotbor, Ailun, MOCOL, etc.

What are the Pros and Cons of a Privacy Screen Protector?

Privacy Screen Protectors won’t let anyone around you see your iPhone display, meaning you can enjoy your privacy anywhere without worrying. However, since the privacy screen protectors holds a dark film, you’ll need to elevate brightness to get clear view, hence more battery consumption.

Is privacy screen good for your eyes?

No! Definitely not for a long time, since its darker film creates load on our eyes.

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