Best Pet Care Apps For Android In 2023: For Every Pet Owners

Best Pet Care Apps For Android

Sometimes managing pets is an arduous task. Maybe there is no “me-time” for them, or the pets are allergic, further, tough to handle. It’s not great! Additionally, there is an array of things that need to take care of; training, healthcare, etc. Thankfully, there is a vast number of pet apps that helps to reach out to the needs of every pet owner. From giving health insight to training tips, further scheduling pet caretakers per your requirements. Here is this article; we have listed some of the best pet care apps for Android.

Wag-Dog Walker And Sitter 

Want to give “me-time” to your pets, but it seems impossible? Download the Wag. As it asks, you schedule dog walking per the preferred schedule and requirement. The pet app offers 24X7 consultation through chat, which is best to clear the pet’s health queries during an emergency. 

You can also ask for in-house or online dog training sessions. Best of all, dog security is the app’s topmost priority, as it allows users to track a dog via GPS tracking feature.

Additionally, you can also chat with a caretaker. Plus, the customer will receive protection up to $1M for a property if service is booked under Wag. Lastly, it’s free pet care app for Android. 

Rover – Dog Boarding And Walking 

Tough to handle your pet during working hours? Worry not; immediately install Rover on your device. The app, developed by The Dog PeopleTM, is one of the best pet-sitting apps available on Android.  

In no time, it lets you book the pet sitter in time to attend to your furry friend. And best part, the pet sitters are certified and well-trained.

For convenience, the pet owner can prompt to share a video or image of their pet. The prices aren’t fixed; it depends on the pet sitter you have booked. Additionally, Rover asks you to pay service charges over the total bill.

However, if physical damage to the owner’s property or injuries to a pet is inflicted during Rover Sitter, the Rover guarantees re-fund. Isn’t it great!

Chewy -Where Pet Lovers Shop

If you want best quality pet products, Chewy has all treasures in the backup. The Android pet app includes 3000 Products like Clothes, Cleaning Supplies, Food, and other daily need accessories. There you will find 4000 medications and 600 plus vet diet.  

Additionally, home goods like beds, gifts, and toys are one of those categories available. And best is at a competitive price. Also, you can avail the seasonal offers the grab save extra bucks. 

Most importantly, you can also order medical supplies. It’s an entirely easy-to-use application for beginners. 


Whether you are a family of pets, a member of animal welfare, or a professional groomer, the 11Pet best pet app to have on your device. The pet app is developed by the best digital platform that helps better care for your pets. 

The app includes three versions; 11pets: Pet Care for families with pets, 11pets: Groomer for professional groomers, and 11pets: Adopt for shelters and animal welfare organizations. 

The pet platform has 50+ aspects; vaccination and deworming reminders, getting complete medical history, a photo gallery, etc. Moreover, automatically generated adoption contracts. It’s a complete one-stop solution for all pet lovers. 

Whistle – Best Android Tracker For Dog

The whistle is one best solutions for tracking your pet, monitoring its health, and training. You will get access to the three smart devices for pet care, Whistle Fit, Whistle GO Explore, Whistle Switch, and new Whistle Health.

Moreover, you will receive science-backed insights based on your dog’s health so that you can make decisions for the furry friend. In addition, you can create boundaries for your pet’s safe location in your Home and Office. Best of all, it notifies a pet via text or email when it leaves Safe Place Location.

Unlike Safe Place Location, you can create fitness goals and celebrate achievements together. That’s It!

PetCoach Ask a vet online 24/7

Another pet app to download on an Android device is PetCoach. It offers reliable advice direct from certified US veterans, dog nutritionists, and pet trainers. And in an emergency, you can get information directly from the library on the website. 

Besides this, it lets you engage in one-by-one online private discussions with pet experts. However, it’s not a feature-rich pet app but a complete flag pet informative application. 

Puppr – Dog Training App For Android

Get the best pet care apps for Android from Puppr. It instructs you both simple and complicated; it can do all you want. The pet vet app is convenient for experienced and new dog owners. You can access 100+ in-depth video lessons and training sessions designed by certified experts.

Also, you can keep track of the progress made by your pup. Moreover, you can configure the reminder to never miss out on training schedules. And for fun, you can earn badges for new tricks. 

Lastly, Puppyr pet apps include two free lessons and additional unlock lessons. 

Airvet For Pet Parents

Airvet works with enterprises and employers to ensure that you have expert support if anything comes your way. What’s admirable is that it helped more than 200000 pet parents at an affordable price.

With Airvet, you can contact experts to seek advice on the animal pet diet, routine health exercise, and nutrition via Airvet video and chat. Best of all, you will receive unlimited virtual personalized with authentic experts. Besides this, you will receive clarification and prescriptions too. 

Get The Best Pet App For Android!

Caring for your pet is a challenging task; but when you have best Android pet apps, you do everything; petting, caring, and pampering with ease!

Being health conscious for a furry friend is always great to go, but focusing on personal health need to look at the same time. Thus, you read out article on Best Meditation App for Android.

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