Why Samsung S10e Can’t Make or Receive Phone Calls? 10 Fixes

Samsung Galaxy S10e can't make or receive phone calls
Samsung Galaxy S10e can’t make or receive phone calls

Samsung Galaxy devices don’t generally rendezvous network issue but whenever they go through it, they can be quite irritating for users. Are you having an issue with receiving or making calls with your Samsung Galaxy S10e? There can be numbers of the factor behind the issue.

In this article, I will present, troubleshooting techniques to fix the Samsung Galaxy S10e can’t receive and make the calls. We will aid you to accord a specific calling issue that can exist for several reasons. If you are a user of Samsung Galaxy S10e and going through a similar issue, carry on to read this article as it may be helpful to fix it.

Fix Can’t Make and Receive Calls on Samsung Galaxy S10e

Check the Auto Reject List

Usually, all Android devices have a block feature. That the user of Samsung Galaxy S10e uses to block the particular calls. Verify that your S10e has Auto reject your contact from which you can’t receive the calls.

  • Open the Device App. Select the Call Settings by hitting the three dots present at the right upper corner.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Hit Block Numbers.
  • Verify is the number you are having an issue with is present in the list.
  • Hit the Icon present at the right corner to remove a particular number from the block list.

Use Device in Safe Mode

The third-party app is one of the most common reasons behind this issue. Run your Samsung Galaxy S10e in the Safe Mode and verify if you can make and receive the calls in safe mode. If your Samsung Galaxy S10e can make and receive the call in safe mode, then the issue is with a third-party.

How to run Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy S10e?

  • Switch off the Samsung Galaxy S10e.
  • Hold the Power Button until the name of the model passes.
  • When SAMSUNG is highlighted on the screen, free the Power Button.
  • Instantly after releasing the button, press the Volume Low Key.
  • Hold the Volume Low button until the Samsung Galaxy S10e completes the restarting process.
  • Then Safe Mode will be highlighted on the left bottom corner.
  • Release the Volume Low Button when your eye catchup Safe mode.

If you have a hint that a third-party app is having an issue, the next steps are used to identify the corrupted app.

  • Boot to Safe Mode.
  • Verify the issue.
  • Once you have proved that a particular third-party app is a reason behind the issue. Then you can start un-installing the blamed third-party app.
  • After uninstalling the third-party app, restart Samsung Galaxy S10e and verify the issue.
  • If your S10e is still not fixed, repeat the above steps.

Check for possible network service interruption

If there is no issue with a third-party, the next thing to be inspected is networks. There may be an issue with a network in your present location due to improper maintenance, or network error. Make sure to contact your service provider to get proper status about the services. If there is no issue with your current location, then move further to the next tricks.

Toggle Flight Mode on and off

You can’t receive and make calls until or unless you have turn off the flight mode. Verify that you have not enabled the flight mode. You can check it from the Notification Panel.

Make sure the Contact isn’t in the Block List

If you have an issue of receiving and making a call to a particular number only, then it may be feasible that particular contact has blocked you. Try to contact him or her by using another device.

Check for Call Barring

This feature in the device allows the Phone app to block all incoming and outgoing calls. If you have enabled call barring earlier, be sure to verify if it alters the particular contact you have an issue with.

Switch between Network Modes

Use the 3G network instead of a 4G network that might help you to fix it. Here’s how to do it,

How can I toggle Network Mode on Samsung Galaxy s10e?

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Connections.
  • Tap Mobile Networks.
  • Hit Network Mode.

After changing the network mode, verify the issue by calling the said contact and see if there is any improvement. If you can call and receive without any issue, change 3G to 4G and verify the issue.

Clear Cache of Phone App

In some cases, maybe the issue lies within the phone app. To fix the phone app there are two methods.

Clear the Cache of the Phone app

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Apps.
  • Search and hit Messaging App.
  • Hit Storage.
  • Select Clear Cache Button.
  • Restart the device and verify the issue.

If it doesn’t work, then the next trick is to bring the Phone app to its default settings by clearing the data of the app.

Clear Data of the Phone App

  • Go to Settings.
  • Hit Apps.
  • Find and hit the Messaging App.
  • Hit Storage.
  • Select the Clear Data Button.
  • Restart the Samsung Galaxy S10e and verify the issue.

Perform a Factory Reset on Samsung Galaxy S10e

After performing all the tricks, if still the issue is not fixed, you have no other option then factory reset. Performing the factory reset will fix all the software related issues on your Samsung Galaxy S10e.

Note: You need to back-up all the important data and store it in your PC because performing the factory reset will delete all the important data stored in the device. 

How can I perform a factory reset on Samsung Galaxy S10e?

  • Initially hold the Volume Down key + Power Key for few seconds.
  • When the screen becomes dark Hold the Volume Up key and Bixby key, simultaneously hold the Power Key for a couple of seconds.
  • When Upload Mode is highlighted release all the Keys.
  • Hold the Volume Low Key and Power Key for a few seconds.
  • Instantly press the Volume High Key + Power Key until the Samsung S10e is featured.
  • Then select Wipe Data/ Factory Reset with help of Volume Buttons to swipe down and the Power Key to select the options.
  • After that Select YES by using Power Button.
  • Then choose “Reboot System Now” by using the Power Key.

Contact Network Operator

If everything fails, then you need to contact the network service provider. You can’t fix the calling issues on Galaxy S10e if there is an error at the carrier’s end.

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