Fix Samsung S10 is not recognized by Computer?

The new latest flagship from Samsung S10 is a very powerful phone as it packs Snapdragon 855 and up to 12GB RAM(depending on the model). It handles daily tasks and heavy application buttery smooth. It has one of the most powerful cameras on a mobile device, which can capture stunning photos in daylight as well as in low light. But, if you have captured a lot of photos and your device storage is going to be full. So, you want to transfer your media or other files to your pc. As soon as you plug, your smartphone with your pc with a USB cable and you notice that your Samsung s10 is not recognized by your pc. Then, we have some tips and tricks that might help you.

Potential Reasons why your Samsung s10 is not recognized by your pc are:

The most common is a reason for why your Samsung s10 not recognized by your pc is that the smartphone is not able to establish a connection with pc. In this case, an issue can be on the phone side rather than a pc. Some software glitch or apps are blocking the connection of your smartphone with a pc. If it is not on the phone side than it could be because of missing USB drivers for your device. But it is also possible that the problem is neither on the smartphone side nor on the computer than the USB cable or USB port are at fault.

Here are the steps you can follow to troubleshoot your problem,

If your phone not recognized by the pc in the first attempt then rebooting both the system might help, if it is not the follow the steps,

  1. Connect your phone with original USB cable.
  2. Pull down the notification bar of your smartphone, here you option for USB connection.
  3. Select MTP for media transfer.
  4. You may select PTP is you want to transfer photos from your camera app.

If you do not find the USB option in the notification panel then follow the alternative suggestions:

  1. Verify again that you have connected your smartphone with original label.
  2. Try to plug you Samsung s10 in the different USB port.
  3. Remove the cable turn off your phone for 30 seconds, turn it on try to plug it again to a pc.
  4. Installed recommended drivers for smartphone
  5. If it is still not able to establish a connection then USB port on your can be loose and it is the possible reason or this problem.

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Othe suggestion:

  • Reset you Samsung s10: This solution may not be feasible for all as all your data on your smartphone can be removed. But if any app on your device that interrupting the connection then this solution can be helpful.
  • Disable firewall and security software on your device: It might be happening because security software on your pc could be detecting your phone as malware and interrupting the connection. So, by disabling the security software might help in this case.
  • Use different computer: If you have tried all the method and still not be able to connect then try to connect with different computer. If your phone connects with the different computer easily then the problem might on your computer.
  • Get technical support: If your phone connects with the different computer easily easily then the problem might be on your computer. So, connect with your computer manufacturer and technical help from them.

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