No Alarm Sound on Samsung S10, S20, S9 | Alarm Not Working

No Alarm Sound on Samsung S10, S20, S9 Alarm Not Working
No Alarm Sound on Samsung S10, S20, S9 Alarm Not Working

Technically, the Alarms of the Galaxy phones are the exceptions when your phone is on Vibrate or set to Do Not Disturb, but only when you’ve customized the settings of both Vibrate and DND mode. These are two options where usually people make mistakes and end up with No Sound on Alarms Samsung S10, S20, etc. I’ll suggest you put these settings forward and verify there isn’t any mistake, and if everything is alright then, try the following troubleshoots.

While in some cases the Alarm Clock stopped working after a software update, which is quite unacceptable as the new updates must improvise the system, not broke the apps. We’ve collected several tips that will surely fix the alarm issues on Samsung phone.

Alarm Not Working on Samsung S10, S20, S9, Note 10

Restart Phone

Our very first recommendation is to reboot the system. It’s a simple yet effective solution that works to fix many bigger problems than No Alarm Sound on Samsung S10. Here’s how to restart your Samsung phone.

  1. Press and hold the Power button until Power Menu appears.
  2. Select Restart.

Turn Off Vibrate for alarms and timers

Many users have reported the Alarm Sound not working on Samsung S10, S20, and other phones, however, at the same time, disabling the Vibrate for alarms and timers did trick for them. The problem might be triggered due to a software bug or it’s your own doing.

  • Open the Clock app on your phone.
  • Make sure the Alarm tab is selected, look at the bottom.
  • Then, tap on three dots to access the Settings.
  • From the Clock settings, toggle off Vibrate for alarms and timers.

Check Date & Time

The date and time of the system is an important aspect while setting the alarm on the phone. Head over to the Settings app > General management > Date and time. The best option is to turn on Automatic date and time; your phone will automatically detect the date and time depending upon your region.

Verify Notifications Settings

Well, this workaround doesn’t co-relate however, I’d strongly recommend you to check this once from the Settings App. Find Clock App from the list of Apps and enable Notifications for the same.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down to Apps > Clock.
  3. Tap Notifications.
  4. Make sure Notifications is enabled for Clock App.

Change Alarm Ringtone (Don’t use Bixby alarm)

One of the users reported that after updating Samsung S10 the alarm stopped working and no sound on alarms. Later, he realized it was the Bixby alarm that was preventing the original alarm from ringing, these things happen when we update the phones, here’s how to change alarm ringtone on Samsung.

  • Go to the Clock app.
  • Select the Alarm tab.
  • Tap on the particular Alarm or Create New Alarm.
  • Turn on Alarm sound, and tap on it.
  • Select the Ringtone option and from the next Selected ringtone option, customize the Alarm sound.

Delete & Create New Alarms

After trying all the above tips, if you can’t fix ‘no alarm sound’ on Samsung S20, S9 or S10, then delete the existing alarm and create a new one. Usually, a false setting can stop the alarm, rather easily create a new alarm then looking for the incorrect settings on the clock app. Remove all the alarms and re-create them.

Disable Battery Optimization

Your Galaxy phone comes with four different battery optimization settings, including, High performance, Optimized, Medium power saving, and Maximum power saving. All of them are helpful in different situations, such as while improving the battery performance of the phone, to save the last drop of battery when you’re out for work, and more.

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Tap Device care.
  • Select the Battery option.
  • Switch the Power mode to Optimized or High performance.

Clear Cache & Data of App

Clear cache and data delete all the temporary files issued for the Clock app, that are used to enhance the app functionality and it a file that stores all the settings for the Clock app. Removing them, bring the Clock app to default settings and remove all the alarms.

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap Apps.
  • Find the Clock app.
  • Tap Storage > Clear cache and then Clear data.

Uninstall and Reinstall App

If you’re experiencing alarm clock problems with Google Clock or any other alarm app, then delete it for once and reinstall it.

  • Visit the Settings app.
  • Tap Apps.
  • Find the Clock app and tap Disable/Uninstall.

Factory Data Reset

This would definitely the hardest step for everyone, as it wipes out the entire system to default including the personal data and apps which you have installed like WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. However, you can always back up the phone before factory resetting the phone.

Read our detailed tutorial on how to back up Samsung Phone and then jump to next steps.

  • To Factory Data Reset, open Settings app > General management > Reset > Factory data reset.

Try Third-Party Alarm App

Don’t have time to fix Alarm not working issue on Samsung S10 or already tired of trying all workarounds? No worries, Google Play has a plethora of Alarm Apps, you can download any of it and till the time Samsung resolves the issue, these third-party alarm apps will wake you up to time.  

Contact Support

Lastly, if none of our above-mentioned workarounds work for you, then contact Samsung Support. They will closely look into the hardware and software parts to give positive resolution.

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