No Alarm Sound on Samsung S10, S20, S9 | Alarm Not Working

No Alarm Sound on Samsung S10, S20, S9 Alarm Not Working
No Alarm Sound on Samsung S10, S20, S9 Alarm Not Working

No alarm sound on Samsung S10, 20, or S9 can spell disaster, as it can negatively impact your routine. Is that’s you facing with your Samsung flagship? Worry Not! Here’s how you can fix it.

Cross-Check The Alarm Settings

Usually, when the Samsung alarm doesn’t sound as you expect, the common cause is user error. You might have misconfigured the alarm. Most commonly found while selecting AM or PM. Additionally, believing that alarm is set recurring, but the fact is it was a one-time alarm. So do check it first; if there is such petty found, move forward to the next steps.

Is Alarm Volume High?

The alarm volume can be managed directly from the Clock App. So ensure it’s adjusted to the higher volume. To do so, navigate to the Clock App. Select one of your Alarms. Next, tap Alarm Sound. At the bottom of the screen, you will see Volume Slider; drag it to the maximum level. 

Make Sure Your Samsung S20, S9, Or, S9 Isn’t Connected To Bluetooth Device

Another reason the alarm might sound but don’t reach you is that it might be playing on Bluetooth peripherals. So it’s better to ensure your phone isn’t connected to a Bluetooth device. For this, swipe down the notification panel, search, and tap on Bluetooth Icon to disable it. 

Give Permission To the Clock App To Set Alarms & Reminders

Ensure that the Clock app has all the required permissions. Here’s how you can.

  1. Long press on the Clock Icon.
  2. From the prompt, select App Info option.
  3. On the next screen, swipe and choose Alarms & Reminder.
  4. Further, enable the toggle next to the Allow Settings Alarms And Reminder. 

Turn On Automatic Date And Time

The wrongly configured date and time not only cause an issue with Alarm feature, but it can misguide the Samsung flagship and result in a variety of problems. So it’s great to set it to Automatic by following the steps below.

  1. Access Settings
  2. Search and select General Management.
  3. Tap Date And Time. Atlast, enable the toggle next to the Automatic Date And Time. 

Turn Off Do Not Disturb Mode On S10, S20, or S9

Your device will go to silent mode when the DND feature is enabled. So whenever it is unnecessary, remember to turn it off. To turn it off, head to the Settings App. Choose Notifications. And toggle off DND. 

Clear Clock App Cache

Unlike the Software Bugs, the corrupted Cache cache can also be culprit behind no alarm sound on Samsung S10, S20, or S9. Therefore, you must try clearing cache. Here’s how you can do it. 

  1. Open the Settings App.
  2. Tap Apps. Search and select Clock App.
  3. Hit Storage. And from the button, select Clear Cache

Restart Your Phone

There are chances of a minor software bug that cause alarms to work usually. The best part is it can be fixed by turning off the phone and back on. Press the Power Button. From the Power Off Menu, select Restart Option. That’s It!

Check For Software And Clock App Update

It’s feasible – though not very likely – that minor bugs or outdated software prevent the Clock from working correctly. To avoid such possibilities, keep OS and app updated to their latest version.

Update OS

  1. Head to Settings.
  2. Select Software Update.
  3. If available, tap on Download And Install

Update Clock App

  1. Go to Clock App.
  2. Select More Settings from the top right corner.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Search and select About Clock. Lastly, choose Update. 

Contact Samsung Support 

If nothing works on your side, it’s time to take help from Samsung expert team. If there is a hardware-level problem and the device is still covered under warranty, the issue will be resolved effortlessly. 

No Alarm Sound On Samsung S10, S20, or S9 Is Fixed!

Samsung support will fix Samsung S10, S20, and S9 alarms not working if this guide doesn’t work for you. And if the solution you get fixed is not mentioned in the above article, let us know in the below comment box. 

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