How To Find Lost Samsung S Pen (S Pen & S Pen Pro)

Samsung’s popular S Pen is highly convenient for taking notes, editing photos & videos, and drawing on to go. But unlike other wireless gadgets, it’s prone to be misplaced or lost. And that’s what users might be worried about and wondering, “How do I find my S pen”? If that’s the case with you, fuss not; read this guide to know the way to find lost Samsung S Pen.

Is There A Way To Find Lost S Pen?

The bitter truth is Samsung won’t offer any identical way to find out the S Pen unless you have an S Pen Pro. Conversely, Samsung knows it’s pretty handy to misplace the S Pen. Therefore, it introduces the settings that alert you when you are away from S Pen. And the best of this setting is it also lets you know the last date and time you detached it from your Samsung flagship. And this information is quite enough to find the missing S Pen. 

How To See Time When S Pen Was Lastly Detached

The last time disconnected is helpful to locate the lost S Pen. But the only thing you need to figure out is your location of yours at that time.

Note: The procedure to find an S pen for is same for all Samsung Model including Tab S6 Lite, Tab S8, Tab S7 fe, note 20 ultra, S22 ultra, Note 9, etc.  
  1. Head to the Settings App.
  2. Search and select Advanced Features. 
  3. Tap on S Pen.

Move your eyes towards Warn If S Pen Left Behind. There you will encounter the date and time when you last detached the S Pen. As per the information, visualize your location and search for your S Pen. And in case you find out about the S Pen, make sure to enable Warn If S Pen Left Behind as a precautionary. 

How To Find Lost S Pen Pro?

The best part of using Samsung S Pen Pro is that it can be tracked easily using the Smartthings App. But the only requirement is it should be registered in Smartthings App before losing it. If that’s what you already did in the past, follow the steps below. 

How To Register Samsung S Pen Pro In Smartthings App?

1. Access the Smartthings App.

2. Hit on the Plus Icon from the top right corner.

3. Select Devices > Scan Nearby.

4. Tap S Pen Pro.

5. Press the connection button on your S Pen Pro until the LED light blinks. That's It; your S Pen Pro will be paired.
  1. Move to the Smartthings App on the phone.
  2. Select Devices from the bottom menu.
  3. Choose Find Devices. 

And on the map, you will see the location of your lost Samsung S Pen Pro.

Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Samsung S Pen Safe

Losing expensive accessories can be frustrating, and you can do nothing about it. Thus, taking a precautionary step is always a better option. Trying to change the habits and tweaking the settings can reduce the chance of losing S Pen. 

  • Keep your Samsung S Pen in an exact designated location so there is no need to hunt for it. 
  • Always attach the Samsung S Pen to the Samsung Tab Case. 
  • You can consider attaching the Samsung Smart Tag, offering a convenient way to find your belongings. 

Final Thoughts!

Hopefully, the tricks mentioned above might have helped you to find the lost S Pen. If not, feel free to drop the concern in the comment box below. 

What If I Still Can’t Find My Samsung S Pen?

If you have tried out all the possible solutions and if still unable to find your lost S Pen. Nothing more, purchase the new one. But before that, re-check all your places. Also, prefer to contact the Samsung Support Team.

Can You Use Another S Pen On Your Phone?

Yes, you can prefer using multiple S Pen simultaneously, as they are supported by Samsung phones. You can prefer purchasing an alternative phone’s new S Pen or S Pen. Ensure to turn on Allow Multiple S Pen; for this, head to Settings > Advanced > S Pen.

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