12 Fixes Roblox Not Working/Crashing on iPhone

Are you among the iPhone users experiencing Roblox not working, or why it keeps crashing? Have tried seemingly every feasible solution, but the issue looks like a never-ending dilemma. What’s the fix to this Roblox issue?

The possible reason can be an outdated application version, the application server being down, a minor glitch within the application or iOS, etc. However, some true and tried solutions have solved many issues for ages. Let’s give it a try to fix Roblox not working on iPhone after the iOS update.

Roblox Not Working Or Opening On iPhone? Fixes

Force Quit Roblox App

The first solution for misbehaving, crashing, and unresponsive Roblox on iPhone is force quitting an app.

  • On iPhone with Face ID, scroll up from the bottom of the screen and pause. Swipe either left or right, and search for Roblox App Card. And next, drag away the app card to force quit.
  • On iPhone with Home Key, double press it. Now swipe either left or right to search Roblox App Card, then swipe it out to force quit.

After 15-20 seconds, open the application and verify whether it works normally. 

Restart iPhone

Always consider restarting iPhone as an effective solution. The minor bug within the application or software glitch causing the issue can get fixed.

Restart iPhone Without Home Button,

  1. Press either Volume Button and Side Button.
  2. Drag the Power Off Slider to turn off the device. Hold for a few seconds and turn on the device by pressing the Side Key.

Restart iPhone With Home Button,

  1. Press the Side Key for a few seconds. 
  2. Drag the Power Off Slider, hold for 30 Seconds and let your device turn off.
  3. Enable the device once again by pressing the Side Key.   

Force Restart iPhone

If normal restarting didn’t fix Roblox not working iPhone, you must try force restarting iPhone. 

  1. Press and instantly release the Volume High Button.
  2. Press and instantly release Volume Low Button.
  3. Keep pressing the Side Button. And when you encounter Apple Logo, let out Side Button.

Roblox Keeps Crashing, Is Roblox Down Today?

Check Roblox Server Status! That’s what you need to verify. If you find the Roblox server outrage, there is nothing to do except wait for the issue to get fixed.

Update Roblox App

Updating the application frequently is critical; as of now, they can handily comply with iOS. If you turn off low data mode on iPhone, the Roblox app won’t update automatically. In this scenario, you have been using the outdated version of Roblox application. To fix Roblox not working today, go to App Store, and update the application. 

See Internet Connection

Possibly there is no fault of iPhone; the wi-fi or cellular network might need to be fixed or faster. At first, be sure you have a valid data plan. In case you are over any wi-fi network, restart the router. It will refresh the network connection. 

Disable Low Data Mode

Why Roblox is not working on iPhone can be due to enable low data mode feature. Since the feature limits the usage of internet. You may have to disable the Low Data Mode (Settings > Mobile Data > Disable Low Data Mode).

Update iPhone

Unlike the application, the iPhone should also have updated iOS. The updates are usually launched to fix the bugs, including Roblox not working on Phone. Check if your device is updated to a latest iOS version. 

Still, Roblox not working on iPhone, Check App’s Internet Connection

When iPhone is over the wi-fi connection, the install application can connect to the internet. But with mobile data, you have to either configure an application for not using data or using. So in case, intentionally or accidentally done that, Roblox will not work. For that, go to Settings > Mobile Data. Search for Roblox in the application list, and verify the toggle next to Roblox is enabled. 

Check Roblox Restriction In Screen Time

Screen time is valuable to prevent yourself or your child from restricting some applications. Ensure the Roblox isn’t configured under the screen time.

  1. Head to Settings > Screen Time.
  2. Select App Limit and make sure Roblox isn’t mentioned here
  3. If yes, swipe left to right on app and select Delete. Up next, choose Content & Privacy Restrictions. Make sure any Apple services and app aren’t restricted.

Reset iPhone’s Network Settings 

Wrongly configure network settings can also be the cause of Roblox application crashing. In this scenario, the best to go with a solution is resetting network settings. Navigate to Settings, and choose General. Tap on Transfer Or Reset iPhone. Hit on Reset, and move further to Reset Network Settings. For confirmation, enter the passcode to navigate back to default settings.

Reset iPhone Settings

If nothing goes on your side? Reset iPhone settings, the last sword to cut down Roblox not working on iPhone. Here is how you can do so.

  1. Open Settings > General.
  2. Swipe down and select Reset.
  3. Choose Reset All Settings and confirm. Once you have finish the procedure, check for the issue. 

Roblox Keeps Crashing!

These are effective ways to fix Roblox not working and keeps crashing on iPhone. I hope this troubleshooting guide fixed the issue. If not, Contact Roblox Support!

Can You Play Roblox On iPhone?

Roblox is fun; the gaming application is compatible with all iPhone 4 and above devices.

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