Fix Text Messages are Out of Order on Samsung S21, S20, S10

Fix Text Messages are out of order on Samsung

Always you see the new and unread message at the top of the message list. Well, it can confuse when the older message is at the top and new messages are in an out-of-order manner, that’s what many Samsung users are experiencing. It can be due to incorrectly modified settings or a minor bug with an app itself.

If you the experiencing the same Samsung message displayed in the wrong order, all you need to do is continue to read this article and perform the steps one by one.

How Do You Fix Out Of Order Text Message On Samsung

Did You Recently Update Your Samsung?

A lot of android users are confused that why are text messages out of order on android after an update. Follow the given below workarounds to solve the real reason text messages out of order on the Samsung Galaxy.

Check Date And Time

The usual culprit behind text messages out of order on the Samsung galaxy s9 is due to incorrect date and time in the Settings. Mainly these types of errors occur when you modify the date and time incorrectly. For easy understanding, by default, the messaging app always visible the newest message at the top and the oldest at the bottom. And If you have customized the wrong date and time the messaging app will list the message incorrectly.

  • Navigate to the Settings.
  • Swipe down and select General Management.
  • Hit Date And Time.
  • Turn On Automatic Date And Time Toggle.

After the completion, simply press the power key and restart the device. Now immediately open the messaging app and see if the issue is fixed or not.

Force Stop The Message App

Out of order text message, yet not fixed, you need to force stop the application. Follow the given below steps.

  • Long-press on the Messaging App and select on the App Info Button.
  • From the App Info Menu, search and hit Force Stop option.

After the completion process, go to the messaging application and see if the order of messages is correctly sorted or not.

Reset Network Settings

Incorrect network settings may also occur wrong order of messages on your Android device. Thankfully, no need to go to the technician as you can easily reset the network settings from the settings by own.

  • Navigate to the Settings.
  • Swipe down and hit General Management.
  • Hit Reset>Reset Network Settings.

Clear Message App Cache

As we all know, the android device always collects the cache in the background to increase the speed of tasks on the device. Similarly, it happens with the application. However, if these cache in the application get corrupted, you can receive a text message out of order on android. To fix it clear the cache of the message application.

  • Long-tap on the Messaging Application.
  • Select App Info.
  • Search and hit Storage.
  • Lastly, select Clear Cache.

Clear Message App Data

Still, the message doesn’t visible in the order, try to clear the data of application. But before it, we recommend back-up the data to avoid losing of an important message.

  • Long-tap on the Messaging Application.
  • Select App Info.
  • Search and hit Storage.
  • Lastly, select Clear Data.

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