Fix Samsung S20 Screen Burn In Issue

Fix Screen Burn In on Samsung S20
Fix Screen Burn In on Samsung S20

The screen burn issue occurs when the same image is set as wallpaper on the screen for a long time and causes difficulty for a pixel to adapt to the new color, and usually, it occurs on a device with an AMOLED display or OLED display. Having a Samsung S20Ultra screen burn-in issue because of the AMOLED display could results in more danger if necessary steps are not taken timely.

If you are going through the same issue on S20, don’t worry! As we managed some necessary tips and tricks to fix the problem. So continue to read the article and verify the issue after following the below, also I would like to say, you will not get an instant result, as it may take few days to fix it.

How to Fix Screen Burn-In on Samsung S20 Ultra, S20, S20Plus

Quick Tips:

  • Keep the device to minimal brightness level as it may consume more current which leads to a decrease in lifespan of the LED.
  • Set the screen off timing as it will prevent the stationary image from being displayed.
  • Use dark wallpaper because it consumes less battery compared to colorful images.
  • Show irregularity in playing high-ends gaming on Galaxy S20.
  • Always use youtube with full-screen rather than small-screen because it continuously loads the recommended video down the search video.
  • Disable the navigation gesture because continues running of navigation app in the background can lead to screen burn issues on S20plus.
  • If there is no continuous use of device then we suggest you disable the Adaptive brightness.

Avoid to Play Heavy Games

The heavy games are mainly high graphic games that consume more battery and the processor in the device needs to work continuously, which finally results in a screen burn on Samsung S20ultra. So we recommend showing irregularity in playing games or avoid to play heavy games to enhance your device performance.

Low Down Brightness

In the screen burning issue, minor changes in your device can make a huge difference, such as keeping the brightness at low can prevent the battery from draining which makes in the device hot.

Turn off Always-on Display

The Always-on display features like time, battery status, date, screen saver, notification, and more works continuously in the device. So this is the aspect that needs to be controlled as it consumes more energy.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Search and hit Always-On-Display.
  • Touch toggle to turn it off.

Set Screen Timeout to 30 Seconds

Many of us are careless to turn off the screen after using it, that means the screen in the pocket or a backpack will stay awake, so if we set screen timeout on Samsung galaxy devices will prevent screen on when the device not in use. And your display will be turned off after 30 seconds if there is no activity performed on it.

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Go to Display.
  • Tap Screen Timeout.
  • Select 30 seconds.

Turn on Dark Mode

The most common advantages of using dark mode is that it saves lots of energy if your device has AMOLED display because in the AMOLED display there are individual pixels, so if you are using while or colorful wallpaper then all the pixel of the display will be turned on and lead to more power consumption and as a result, we receive screen burn issue on S20.

  • Tap Settings App.
  • Go to Display.
  • Select Enable Night Mode.

Enable Safe Mode

Well, you will not well-known about this, but the most common reason behind the screen burn issue Samsung is a third-party app and especially rogue third-party app. Sometimes the heavy third-party apps consume more energy from your phone and make your device hot. However, to know the culprit, we recommend you to boot safe mode on S20. In safe mode only default apps are allowed to run, no third-party apps are visible in it.

  • Press the Power Button to feature a power off menu.
  • Continuously touch the Power Off Icon to highlight Safe Mode.
  • Finally, tap Safe Mode.

If your device works accurately in safe mode, then it’s confirmed culprit is a third-party app. try to delete a third-party app one by one and verify the issue.

Wipe Cache Partition

Still not able to fix the issue, don’t worry! Continue to perform this workaround and fix screen burn-in on S20plus. This trick will unload your device by clearing the cache file from the device without harming the personal data stored in the device.

  • Turn off the device.
  • Press the Volume High Button and the Power/Bixby Button.
  • When the Android symbol appears on the screen, let out all the Buttons.
  • Press the Volume Button multiple times to feature Wipe Cache Partition.
  • Use the Power/Bixby Button to select it.
  • Press the Volume Low Button to feature YES, and then use the Power Button to select.
  • “Reboot System Now” will appear after the completion of the process.
  • Hold the Power/Bixby Button to restart the Samsung Galaxy S20.

Contact Samsung Support

It seems to be a hardware fault and that can only be fixed by the Samsung Technicians. Rush to nearest Samsung Service Store to get their assistance.

What Is Screen Burn-In?

It is the situation when the static element or image on a screen appears for a longer duration, resulting in image being permanently visible even when the screen highlights different content.

Does the Samsung Galaxy S20 Have A Screen Burn-In Issue?

Unlike the other flagships, the Samsung S20 also can have a screen burn-in. However, it’s only visible when a static image or element is used for a prolonged period.

Does Samsung Offer A Warranty For Screen Burn-In On the Galaxy S20?

Unfortunately, Samsung won’t cover screen burn-in caused due to using the same static element or image for prolonged timing.

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