Guide to fix Apple Watch 8/8 Ultra Stuck on Apple Logo

Apple Watch 8 Ultra Stuck on Apple Logo

Apple Watch 8/8 Ultra Stuck on Apple Logo? Are you unable to use the Touchscreen of your Apple Watch? Is it stuck on a black screen with a white Apple Logo? However, it seems to be a universal issue, as of now, every watch OS user is complaining on the various forums.

In all these scenarios, the Apple watch will make you cry even after giving up your efforts at the peak. Read this troubleshooting post and fix Apple Watch 8/8 Ultra Stuck with the white Apple Logo. There are many possibilities why Apple Watch Misbehaving. But most of the time Watch 8/8 Ultra keeps stuck on Apple Logo strikes due to the software update which makes the procedure lengthy at the same point frustrating. 

Apple Watch 8/8 Ultra Stuck on Apple Logo, Troubleshooting Guide!

If Apple Watch 8/8 Ultra is Stuck on Apple Logo it’s probably stuck within the booting loop. Though we can’t guarantee; try your luck and we suggest you follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps.

Try Playing Sound In Find My App

At this point, it’s definitely not clear why this works when Apple Watch 8/8 Ultra Stuck On Apple Logo after swimming. But there are various comments and reports of Apple Watch; who found it using Find My to play sound on the Apple Watch.

However, it’s ineffective when Watch 8/8 Ultra keeps flickering and restarting, but better to work when frequently featuring the Apple Logo. To do so, follow the given below steps.

On your iOS or iPadOS device, open the Find My App and select Devices Tab located at the bottom of the screen. 

Look for Apple Watch and select Play Sound Option. Usually, this feature is designed to find the lost Apple Watch. You might try multiple times in case didn’t get any results. Indeed if it doesn’t work move forward to the next troubleshooting steps.

Place Apple Watch On Magnetic Charger

When the Apple Watch touch screen becomes unresponsive or continuously shows Apple Logo, you must try charging the Watch. And especially, on the Best Magnetic Charger, because using it, will firmly stuck with a Watch charging spot to charge up the Watch efficiently and effectively. 

Change Calendar And Time Zone Settings In iPhone’s Watch App

An Apple Watch stuck in the boot loop and fails to pass the Apple logo. At this point, you can change the calendar and time zone settings on the Watch app and Watch. Here is how you can do so.

  1. Open the Watch App on iPhone and then select General.
  2. Select Language & Region > Calendar.
  3. Choose your current or preferred location and force restart Apple Watch. 
  4. If you are stuck within the issue, verify if changing the time on the Apple Watch App to non-daylight saving time; fix the problem. 

If Watch boots up, ensure to clear infographics faces as it disputes with daylight saving time. 

Give Software Update/Restore A Bit More Time To Finish

If your Apple Watch 8/8 Ultra stuck in Apple Logo while installing the latest watchOS, chances are the Apple Watch isn’t stuck within but taking time to finish update. Considering it, we suggest you hold for ample time. Even after giving the time, issue seems to be a never-ending dilemma, move to the next troubleshooting steps. 

Delete Software Update Files

Try your luck with deleting software update files, as after giving an ample amount of time; Apple Watch is still unresponsive. Presumably, you might not familiar with the steps to delete the file, considering it, we have mentioned the steps below. 

  1. Navigate to the Watch App on the connected iPhone. Select My Watch if it isn’t by default opened.
  2. Move to General > Storage.
  3. Select Software Update and next Delete Update File.

Now that you have cleared out the Software Update File, try reinstalling the same update once again and get free from Apple Watch 8/8 Ultra stuck on Boot Loop.

Restart Apple Watch

The traditional method that we always recommend to every Apple user, Restarting! Yes, you heard the right, it looks petty but works to wonder when your Apple Watch encountered a common issue within it.

That’s the reason try restarting when a random or minor glitch causes Apple Watch 8/8 Ultra show Apple Logo then turn off.

Try Force Rebooting Apple Watch

An Apple Watch 8/8 Ultra showing Apple Logo and then flickers again and again it’s likely to say rebooting automatically. With a smart move, Force Rebooting your watch can efficiently break down the loop. 

Hold the Digital Crown and simultaneously press the Side Button for a couple of seconds until the Apple Watch boots as usual.

More than often, it’s easy to spot because the Apple Watch would instantly turn black, but if it’s stuck on the boot loop. It’s hard to define. 

If you are damn sure Apple Watch is reset, hold for 20-30 seconds to start from cold. Most prominently you can judge out it has worked for you or not. However, we suggest trying this trick multiple times. As on tech forums, the tech gurus claimed to fix flickering Apple Logo after 10 attempts of a hard restart. 

Erase Apple Watch

Got frustrated after going through the long journey-still apple watch stuck on apple logo after hard reset? It’s time to reset the Apple Watch to the default. 

It’s one of the extreme solutions, but it works almost to fix every issue. What’s more; creating a manual backup of Apple Watch as of now, can cause data loss. 

  1. On the connected iPhone, move to the Watch App.
  2. Select General. Swipe down and select Reset.
  3. Hit Erase Apple Watch Content And Settings.
  4. Ensure to Erase All Content And Settings to begin.

Once the Apple Watch is reset, you need to re-configure it as you are doing for the first time. Hopefully, it works for you. 

Contact Apple Support!

Apple Watch 8 or 8 Ultra is stuck on apple logo. Reset Watch but the logo reappears again staying on. Now nothing left to fix it rather than contacting the Apple Support Team.

Repairing Or Replacing Your Apple Watch 8/8 Ultra

Recently bought the new watch it can be under the warranty, by Apple Care+ or any other third-party consumer service the watch needs to be repaired or replaced for free. 

We accept hardware damage like a cracked screen or dent on chassis. Similarly, the issue pops up due to the battery draining faster, or liquid damage results in water admittance. So bring the Apple Watch to the nearer Apple Service Station and take the help of a technician or ask for a replacement if it’s under warranty.


Apple Watch Stuck with Apple Logo can be due to the settings or software misconfiguration. However, this may cause various issues such as Mismatched Timezone. So whenever you got stuck in Apple Logo, we suggest you follow the complete troubleshooting guide. 

If you tried out the hard reset, but the black screen with white Apple logo remains, your Watch OS is more likely to consider as a culprit. If that’s the case we curated the list to fix software-related glitches causing the issue. So go through it!

Why Apple Watch Is Not Pairing With My iPhone?

Problems with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth are typical reasons when an Apple Watch won’t pair with any iPhone. It’s likely to say, that enabling Airplane Mode can cause the same issue, so it’s better to verify Airplane is disabled. To fix it try rebooting the Apple Watch and at-last clearing the network settings on iPhone. 

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