Chrome has stopped working on Samsung Galaxy S10

Chrome has stopepd working on S10
Chrome has stopepd working on S10

When the issue like this rises on your device the first thing that comes to your mind is “Why the chrome has stopped working on my Samsung Galaxy S10”? Or “What does, unfortunately, chrome has stopped means”? To know why it happens, continue to read the article.

The miscue information “Chrome has stopped” that keeps showing on your Samsung Galaxy S10 normally means the browser has stopped working due to some reason. Such issue is caused due to serious firmware issue or issue with the application. According to me, it is just a minor problem that you can solve on your own without the help of the specialist.

In this article, I will present the best tricks to solve the Samsung Galaxy S10 keeps showing “Chrome has stopped” error. We will try to perform each and every troubleshooting method one by one until we cannot find out the reason behind this issue. So if you are a user of Samsung Galaxy S10 and going through similar issues then continue reading this article. Try to perform each trick on your Samsung Galaxy S10 it may help you to fix this problem.

Fix unfortunately Chrome has stopped on Samsung Galaxy S10

Trick 1: Force restart your Samsung Galaxy S10 first

It is considered to be a minor issue with the app when “chrome has stopped” keeps showing on your device. So to fix this minor problem, you need to perform a forced restart on Samsung Galaxy S10. By performing a forced restart, it will reload all services and apps as well as refresh device memory.

How can I perform Forced restart on Samsung Galaxy S10?

  • Hold the Volume Low + the Power Button until the symbol of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is highlighted on screen.

After the completion of the forced restart, run the app to verify if the “Chrome has stopped error” is still featured on screen. If it re-appear go to the next tricks.

Trick 2: Clear cache of the Chrome app

Many users are not well-known about an integrated system of the smartphone. The user of the device fill hesitates to perform this trick because they don’t know the meaning of cache. At that time the first thing comes to users mind is “What is cache”?

The cache is a set of small files generated by the system that runs the app accurately after the first use. If the cache gets corrupted, then it could be a reason behind the issue. To solve the issue, you need to clear the cache of the Chrome app.

How to clear the cache of the Chrome app on Samsung Galaxy S10?         

  • Scroll down to open notification tray.
  • From notification tray, tap Settings which is located on the right upper corner.
  • Go to Apps.
  • Search Chrome and then hit on it.
  • Touch Storage.
  • Tap Clear Cache.

Verify if still the issue is generated. If yes, then go to the next trick.

Trick 3: Reset Chrome app

If the issue continues, then you need to reset the chrome app. By resetting the Chrome app, it will clear all bookmarks and other data. But in exchange, it may solve “Chrome has stopped” error on Samsung Galaxy S10.

How can I Reset the Chrome app on Samsung Galaxy S10?

  • Swipe down to open the notification tray.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Select Apps.
  • Find Chrome and then touch on it.
  • Go to Storage.
  • Touch Clear Data.
  • Tap OK.

Verify if still the issue is generated. If yes, then perform the next trick.

Trick 4: Backup your files and reset your Samsung Galaxy S10

As I said before, this problem is due to a firmware issue. So to fix this issue you need to reset your Samsung Galaxy S10 if you really want to run Chrome.

Note: Before performing this procedure you need to back-up all important data from your Samsung Galaxy S10 as they will be cleared. And also discard the Samsung or Google account so you will be secured after the reset.   

  • Switch off the device.
  • Hold the Volume High + Bixby Button, then press the Power Button.
  • When the symbol of Samsung Galaxy S10 is featured, free all the buttons.
  • Press the Volume Low Button for multiple times to feature ‘Wipe Data/Factory Reset’.
  • Use the Power Key to select.
  • Hold the Volume Low Button to feature “YES”.
  • Hold the Power Key to start the Master Reset.
  • After the completion of the master reset ‘Reboot System Now’ is obtained.
  • Use the Power key to restart the Samsung Galaxy S10.


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