Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Not Charging: Here’s the Fix

Galaxy Watch Active not charging

If your Galaxy Watch Active not charging then do not waste the remaining battery power by using it. It’s better if you leave some power backup on the watch so that we could help you troubleshoot the problem with some possible solutions. Besides, opening the screws of the watch and start fixing is not a good habit, as it can void the warranty of the watch and you will have to pay to get repaired.

For those, who are getting a negative impression of the watch, don’t worry, it’s just normal bug or glitch which could be eliminated if you follow this tutorial entirely. I’ll make sure to get back your Galaxy Watch Active back to its working condition.

Galaxy Watch Active Not Charging

We have answered few frequently asked questions concerned with your Galaxy Watch Active won’t charge.

Can I Use a Regular Wireless Charger with Galaxy Watch Active?

Yes, the Galaxy Watch Active is compatible with all the Qi-Wireless Chargers. So if you have Qi-enabled wireless charger, use it to charge the Galaxy Watch too.

How Do I Charge my Samsung Active Watch?

Before charging Galaxy Watch Active, I’d like to suggest you not to remove and turn on until it is fully charged. To Charge Galaxy Watch Active, put it correctly on the charging dock and connect the USB cable to the charging dock. For fast charging make sure to use the original Samsung Adapter or buy one trustworthy charging adapter/Wireless Charger and accessories with Galaxy Watch Active.

How do you know if your Galaxy Watch is charging?

You can get to know the charging status of Galaxy Watch Active by LED indicators,

  • Orange– It indicates the watch is connected to an unsupported/low power adapter.
  • Red– Watch is connected to the charger and is charging.
  • Green– Watch is fully charged.
  • Red> Green> Orange– It shows Watch is in Standby mode.

How does it take to charge Samsung active watch?

When you charge your Galaxy Watch Active using the magnetic charger, it roughly takes two hours to fully charge the watch. Besides, the watch charges nearly 60% in the first hour.

Can I charge my Galaxy Watch Active with my Samsung Phone?

Yes, it is possible to charge your Galaxy Watch Active with advanced devices like Galaxy S10, that supports the reverse charging feature. Samsung calls it a PowerShare, learn how to use PowerShare to charge Qi-enabled wearables and phones.

 Why Galaxy Watch Active Won’t Charge?

  • Charger is damaged
  • Put the Galaxy Watch Active properly
  • Incompatible charger/charging dock
  • Software glitch
  • Hardware damage

Charge the Galaxy Watch Active

Place the watch on the charging dock for an hour or two. When the Galaxy Watch’s battery is completely drained, it might take some time to restart. Unlike there is any hardware related issue, you will be getting a positive response from this very first trick.

Reboot Galaxy Watch Active

All of sudden if Galaxy Watch Active stopped charging randomly or after the update, then probably it’s just a minor glitch with the system. A quick restart could fix multiple issues of your Samsung watch. Here’s how to reboot Galaxy Watch Active.

  • Press and hold the Home button until System Options appear on the screen.
  • Select Power Off. Wait until the Watch turns off.
  • Now, hold the Power key and wait for the watch to turn on.

Check the Wireless Charger

Many times, the Wireless Charger is the real culprit and except for the problem, we try to fix other things. Just like wired chargers, if the wireless charger’s cable got damaged then, it will take a long time to charge Galaxy Watch. Before doing various experiments on Samsung watch, check the wireless charger is perfectly receiving and delivering power to the Watch.

Charge Watch using PowerShare feature

If you own PowerShare compatible devices like S10, Note 10, S20 series, then use the PowerShare feature of the phone to charge the Watch wirelessly. It can be used as an alternate power source for the Galaxy Watch. Though, you need to enable the PowerShare on Galaxy phones.

Pull down the Notification pane, and find the Wireless PowerShare. Tap to enable it.

Now, put the phone upside down, and adjust the Galaxy Watch at the center of the backside of the phone.

Use Alternate Charger Source

Did you try to charge the watch using any other power source like Power Bank or Laptop? Try connecting the charger with another power source or change the socket. Then check the Galaxy watch, is it charging or not. Besides, you can borrow a wireless charger from your friend and check if it is working or not.

Factory Reset Galaxy Watch

Coming last to Factory Reset the Galaxy Watch, after trying all the basic solutions, if you can’t fix the Galaxy Watch Active 2 not charging, then factory resetting the watch is your last hope.

  • Open the Settings on your Galaxy Watch Active 2.
  • Tap General.
  • Select Reset.
  • Confirm reset.

Buy New Charger Dock

If any of the above methods don’t work to fix Galaxy Watch Active Not charging, then you must buy a new Charger Dock for the watch. Check the best Wireless Chargers.

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