Best App Lock for Samsung S10, S10 Plus and S10e in 2023

app lock for Samsung S10

Looking for the best App Lock for Samsung Galaxy S10/S10 Plus/S10e? Don’t worry we have shortlisted the 5 best app lock for Samsung S10. Though Samsung S10 is packed with a lot more security features, unfortunately, it doesn’t allow you to lock apps. However, when you make search for App Lock on the Google Play Store, hundreds of options will be available for you.

That’s why to decrease chaos about what is the best app lock for Samsung S10, S10 Plus or S10e we are here with this article. After putting much effort and using all the App Locks on Samsung S10, we have concluded a few which are listed below.

Best App Lock for Samsung S10 Plus, S10, S10e

App LockApp Lock for Samsung S10 Plus

If you have ever used App Lock on Samsung device, then probably it will be this app only. Personally, I am using this App Lock in my Samsung S10. It offers great protection to multiple applications, Photos, and Videos that are stored on your device. Set the random keyboard so that no one can track your fingers and try to unlock the vault to see private pictures or check your chats on WhatsApp or Instagram.

Google Play Store: App Lock

Norton App LockNorton App Lock

Norton is best when it comes to secure your smartphone or PC. It’s time to lock apps with one of the best app locks for Samsung S10. You can secure images, videos, and even financial information right on the Norton App Lock for Samsung S10/S10 Plus/S10e. App Lock for Samsung S10 is a safe way to add a security layer when your device gets lost or stolen.

Google Play Store: Norton App Lock

Perfect App LockPerfect App Lock for S10

With Perfect App Lock for Samsung Galaxy S10 you can lock the apps in different ways, PIN, Pattern, Password, Gesture, Face ID, or Fingerprint. For fast unlocking the apps, Face ID and Fingerprint are best. But when it comes to security no one can beat PIN lock. So if you are concerned that nobody can access your private photos or videos and even applications then go for PIN lock.

Google Play Store: Perfect App Lock

App LockerApp Locker

When you have App Locker on Samsung S10, S10 Plus, and S10e, you don’t have to worry while giving your phone to your friends or parents. Maintain privacy by simply locking apps that you want to safeguard. Alongside, insert the sensitive images and videos to the private vault and let it vanish from Gallery. Together with multiple locking options, you can also customize the theme of the App Locker as per your convenience.

Google Play Store: App Locker

Smart App LockSmart App Lock for Samsung S10e

The elegant design and layout will definitely impress you and force you to download Smart App Lock on Samsung S10. It is your ultimate tool which includes all the major functions like Lock Privacy, Lock Apps, Lock Settings, Lock Markets, as well as Lock Incoming Calls. Attractive UI and easy to use interface will definitely take place on your Samsung S10.

Google Play Store: Smart App Lock

Keepsafe App Lock

The Keepsafe App Lock is one of the minimalistic app locker for Samsung devices. The app has stunning UI and offers a flexible way to protect your information or messages with pattern, PIN, and fingerprint. If you want to disable the app for a small period, the app allows you to disable for the desired time. Well, the app is craved with advanced features in a free version but you need to make in-app purchases for an ad-free experience.

Google Play Store: Keepsafe App Lock


The finger security is the simplest app locker in this line-up. The package of rich features allowed to protect your apps through fingerprint and can increase the security to ensure that the app’s data or app is not available on recent apps. More, there is also a security option for the uninstallation process. This app lock for protection allows us to set a time-out for relocking the app.

Google Play Store: AppLock


If you are searching app lock for the rooted android device than Maxlock is the best choice for you. The ad-free app lock for android device that offers an advanced feature to protect your device form starring eyes. The security method includes pattern, PIN, and fingerprint. Unlike other apps, these open-source apps offer multiple customizations, battery performance, a master button for the quick switch, and more. Sadly it’s based on the Xposed framework, so it is compulsory to download Xposed on your mobile phone.

Google Play Store: MaxLock

App Lock by Smart MobileApp Lock by Smart Mobile

The newly developed on Google play store has capture lots of attraction due to its clean and straightforward interface. Similarly, like other apps, this app also offers PIN, pattern, and fingerprint use according to your preference. There is an exclusive feature called profiles which differentiates the app according to their category. Moreover, you can create your personal profile and add apps according to your choices. 

Google Play Store: Smart Mobile App Lock

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