Best 5G Plans for Samsung Galaxy S10 5G: Sprint or Verizon


5G technology is increasing day by day and both Verizon and Sprint provide to the consumers nowadays. Verizon provides the Samsung Galaxy S10 at the same time Sprint provides an LG V50 and HTC hub. Verizon and Sprint are only extensive shipper to provide 5G support on mobile phones. They also provide higher layer unlimited plans. Both Sprint and Verizon are small but Sprint’s Unlimited plans are the elite that provides more 4G data and additionally offers services at low cost.

In this article, you will get to know which 5G plan is best for you. Decide the best for you!

Which 5G plan to choose for Samsung S10

1. Sprint 

Sprint selected to construct its 5G networks on it 2 GHz. This is undoubtedly less than the Verizon network, but its outcome is in larger scale coverage area same as 4G LTE and good regularity. At the same time speeds is less than 5G set up on higher bands, the additional coverage concocts for it in most use cases.

The un-limited Premium plan is the only plan that is provided to the 5G phone by Sprint. This plan was constructed over the 4G LTE network. Due to which, hotspot size is small and de-prioritization numbers are less compare to Verizon plans. Still, 100 GB of a hotspot is quite enough and de-prioritization at 75 GB won’t disturb the extensive majority of users. Since sprint hasn’t built an advance plan for 5G, the price doesn’t seem to change much.

Sprint Unlimited plan offers access to an exciting number of additional like Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Tidal. By using this plan you should be able to run the multiple numbers of media without any hitch or slowing down.

Pros of sprint:

  • Allow accessing HD videos.
  • More regularity in 5G coverage.
  • Contain Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Tidal.
  • 100 GB hotspot.

Cons of Sprint:

  • Lesser speed than 5G bands.
  • Limited de-prioritization at 75 GB.

Order Samsung Galaxy S10 5G from Sprint

2. Verizon 

Verizon has extraordinary 5G networks. Though the present coverage area of 5G is smaller compared to the 5G networks of Sprint and AT&T. Verizon 5G speeds will surpass the present speed of the sprint. When it is in range connection is very fast, the higher frequency gives to create the worst building penetration and coverage experience.

Verizon’s 5G plans feel custom fit for 5G with reasonable upgrades, like running the HD quality videos. I also provide both unlimited 5G hotspot and data. That is because at initial, 5G capability was of the 10$ upgrade plan. The upgrade is contained with present mobile phones but only for a limited time.

Apple Music is also included in it, the Verizon plan completely fits the users who require absolute high speed.

Pros of Verizon:

  • Allow accessing 4K videos.
  • Contain Apple Music.
  • Provide an Un-limited 5G hotspot.
  • Speedy wideband 5G.

Cons of Verizon:

  • De-prioritization at 22GB.
  • Cost is of limited time.
  • Worst building penetration compares to sprint.

Order Samsung Galaxy 5G from Verizon


At this stage, the 5G network provided by Verizon is dis-similar from the sprint’s network size and speed. Sprint network provides you a larger footprint in a minimum period but it will have the same coverage of it 4G. While Verizon provides high speed. According to me, for most user, speed of sprint is more than enough. It also provides you the extras which make it different from others.

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