How to Trade-in Galaxy S8 for Samsung S10 Sell at best price

samsung s8 and samsung s10

Before upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S10, the first thing you to do is selling your Samsung Galaxy S8. There is two technique to sell Samsung Galaxy S8. The first technique is speedy and effortless, but it might not generate the desired money. The second technique requires more time and is difficult to perform but might generate the desired money of your Samsung Galaxy S8.

How to Sell Galaxy S8 for the best Price?

Option 1: Easiest Way

To trade your Samsung Galaxy S8 as speedy as feasible, is a way to sell the product. Gazelle is an association that purchases and trades secondhand user electronics along with tablets and mobile phones. The selling procedure is not difficult: choose the device that you want to sell. Enter the details of the device like whether it is a carrier version and what condition of the device is. The whole procedure takes a few minutes to complete, afterward, you will get a proposal from the company.

If you receive the proposal, Gazelle will assign you a box that you have to use to send your Samsung Galaxy S8 to an appropriate address. Once it reaches, the association will check out the device. If the condition of a device is good, you will get compensated with a check, via PayPal, or an Amazon gift it’s your choice.

There are multiple numbers of associations that offer the same including, But, Gazella is the most well-known and reputable company. It offers good money for Samsung Galaxy S8, despite the final price of Samsung Galaxy S8 depends upon its situation.

You can Trade-in your Samsung Galaxy S8 for a gift card or a discount on the Samsung Galaxy S10

The substitute to Gazelle and the same service is to trade-in your Samsung Galaxy S8 for a gift card. Then you can pay partly for Samsung Galaxy S10. There are multiple numbers of retailers and companies that bid this program including Amazon, Best Buy, and Verizon.  The proposal depends upon the situation of the mobile phone and differs from seller to seller.

Another option, which is possibly the first-rate. Is to trade-in your old Samsung Galaxy S8 when you are purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S10.  All the seller doesn’t support this scheme. But you can use this procedure when purchasing the mobile phone from SAMSUNG and a few more. According to the Samsung web, you can earn much for you Samsung Galaxy S8 when selling.

Option 2: Slower but Profitable

To generate more money, you will have to trade your Samsung Galaxy S8 to the ultimate users. After all, you need to keep in mind that this technique might take more time and will lack more work from your side. You will have to inspect for good offers online, estimate the price, contact with the feasible consumers, and then confirm the deal and send the device.

eBay is the best choice to sell your Samsung Galaxy S8 because it is used by the end numbers of people. Using the eBay service, there is a possibility that your device might sell out faster. But there are few drawbacks in this service, such as high fees and numbers e-mail are received by you from eBay users.

eBay alternatives include Swappa, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist

Swappa is also a good association. Although, it doesn’t carry the same scheme as eBay. By using Swappa you can earn more money because it doesn’t have seller fees. It is a more advanced website as it is completely fixated on tech products. There are also other platforms you could add Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.

No matter which platform you sell your Samsung Galaxy S8, assure that you promote your device on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Users are more likely to purchase the device from a known platform.

I Have A Buyer, Now What?

Before you crack the deal and send your Samsung Galaxy S8 to the purchaser, verify that you back-up all the important data that you have stored on your device. The further step is to perform a factory reset, which will clear all the data from Samsung Galaxy S8.

Option 3: Ultimate Way

If you don’t have any phone to trade in or not satisfied by the trade-in price for your device, then why don’t buy the Galaxy S10 and keep the old Samsung S8 with you.

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