Auto Brightness Not Working on Samsung S10: 6 Fixes

Auto brightness not working on Samsung S10

Auto-Brightness not working on Samsung S10? That’s quite a gigantic topic to discuss because it directly affects the performance of the device. Adaptive Brightness on Samsung S10 doesn’t change as per the environment, or sometimes brightness gets too low or high automatically on Samsung S10. All these dilemmas are causing after updating the phone. Moreover, we can’t compromise the update, and one should compulsorily keep their phone updated to increase productivity and enhance user experience.

Well, the auto-brightness feature on Samsung S10 or even on any smartphone completely depends upon the sensors. If the sensors start malfunctioning, the adaptive brightness won’t work on S10. This sensor automatically adjusts the screen brightness relying upon the intensity of light surrounding the device.

Why Auto Brightness on Samsung S10 Not Working?

Update the Phone

Before you go to alter the changes in the phone, why not check for the updates. Always remember that you are not the only one with such problems, there are hundreds of folks dealing with issues and happily fix them.

To make sure the update goes uninterruptedly, connect the charger to the phone and the phone must be connected to the Wi-Fi.

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Search Software Update.

Restart Samsung S10

If the Samsung S10 auto brightness not working and showing abnormal behavior then restart the phone to fix the brightness issue. Make sure to wait for a while since the phone takes some time to refresh all the functions.

  • Press and hold the Power button and select Restart.
  • Wait for 30 seconds until the phone restarts.

Toggle Off/On Adaptive Brightness

Still, auto brightness not working properly? That’s ok, why not re-enable the Adaptive Brightness on S10. There are good chances of eliminating the adaptive brightness glitch from your device.

  • Swipe up the screen to bring the applications.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Display.
  • Disable Adaptive Brightness.

Get back to the home screen. Now restart the Samsung S10 as usual and then again enable Adaptive Brightness.

Change Power Mode Settings

  • The battery level of the phone could affect the screen brightness of the device, say, if you’ve enabled the Battery Saver, and the battery status of the phone is really low than the Power Saver mode won’t let the phone increase the brightness, even if Auto-brightness is enabled.
  • Pull down the Notification.
  • Touch and hold the Power mode.
  • Change the display quality to either of the option mentioned at the same time disable the Adaptive brightness if it is causing issues. Later you can turn it on.

Perform Reset All Settings

Any invalid setting can result in Auto-Brightness stopped working on Samsung S10, so make sure to reset all settings. Before taking any hard step, you should be doing this.

  • Settings > General Management > Reset.
  • Reset Settings > Enter PIN > Confirm Reset All Settings.

Calibrate Auto-Brightness

When auto-brightness stops working on Samsung S10, there is a simple solution to that problem, Calibrate the Auto-Brightness. Or it can be said as Reset Auto-Brightness on Samsung S10. Just like we have performed reset settings, here calibrating auto-brightness will reset brightness function on the device.

  • Let the device get a signal that it is placed in the darkroom, so cover the sensor of it.
  • With your second hand, pull down the notification panel and swipe left the brightness level to full.
  • Don’t uncover the sensors and activate and then deactivate the Adaptive Brightness. (Settings > Display > Adaptive Brightness)
  • Take the device in a slightly lighter area, and uncover the sensor. You can take the phone under the lamp.
  • Now, increase the brightness to maximum.
  • Lastly, turn on Adaptive Brightness.

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