OnePlus 7 Pro Overheating While Charging

OnePlus 7 Pro Overheating while Charging

From the beginning, OnePlus is popular if it is about the battery and charging speed. I don’t think any smartphone company offers such tremendous charging speed. However, this can result in adverse effects such as fast battery drain, or OnePlus not charging very quick, if you use the phone carelessly.

OnePlus 7 Pro charges super fast by Warp charging. It is similar to the normal USB charging cable but the current flowing capacity has been increased due to which it leads to the overheating. So here are the steps to prevent it from overheating. In this article, we have covered some of the best troubleshoots that will help you fix the OnePlus 7 Pro Overheating issue.

How To Cool Down OnePlus 7 Pro

Solution 1: Use an Original Charger

You should use a charger with the current between 700mA – 2.1Amps will prevent your battery from harm. Speed of charging will be slow if you are not using the original charger and even it can cause damage to the battery. Kindly use the cable and adapter provided by the OnePlus.

Solution 2: Enable flight mode while charging your OnePlus 7 Pro

Make clear that all networks of your device are Off so that device is not performing any task and is just resting. By turning ON flight mode will lead your device to fast charge and prevent the phone from getting hot.

Solution 3: Close All the background apps

Just turn Off the currently running apps and don’t use your device while charging. Make clear that you have to turn Off all currently running apps.
We concern that this will steady your OnePlus 7 Pro from overheating. If still, OnePlus 7 Pro is overheating while charging then contact OnePlus service station.

If these tricks don’t fix the charging issues on your OnePlus 7 device then you need to contact support and ask them to replace or repair the charger.

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