How to Customize Power Button in Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Customize Power button in Galaxy Note 10

The newly launched device Samsung Galaxy Note 10 doesn’t come with Bixby Key. The Samsung Company has launched the newest Note 10 with only the Volume and Power keys, similar to mid-range Samsung phones. The Bixby can be accessed by pressing the Power Button. Normally, many users of Samsung will be disappointed to see Bixby button go in Note 10, but the developers of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has provided the option to modify the Power Button.

Samsung Phones with Bixby button irritated users the most because every now and then Bixby gets activated by the accidental press of Bixby button. The only solution to that problem is to disable the Bixby button. Fortunately, Samsung itself removed the headache from the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Now, we don’t need to disable or turn off Bixby Home on Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Besides, this time the Power button of Note 10 could be used as Bixby button.

By double press, on the Power Button, you can access any the desired app. It is no longer a shortcut for the only camera on Samsung Galaxy Note 10. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 developer provided by default access of Bixby’s voice by long-pressing the Power Button. You can turn it off this default setting and use the Power Button to highlight the Power Menu.

If you don’t want to modify this default settings, then you can access the power menu through notification tray, as we have examined on other Samsung Galaxy Models that access the Bixby voice without the Bixby Button. And those Samsung Galaxy Model pick up the notification to customize the power button too when Android Q gets on.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 runs on One UI 1.5. The current Galaxy device comes with minor updates. Samsung will provide the rest of the updates through Android Q updates.

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