How To Use One-Handed Mode On Samsung Phones ( 2 Ways)

Android leaves no stone unturned to enhance the user’s experience. With Android 12, they introduced the new aspect known as “One-Handed Mode.” This option is better for a Samsung phone with a considerable size, for instance, a phone sized more than 6 inches. Here is how to use one-handed mode on Samsung Galaxy Phones.

What Is One-Handed Mode?

The feature temporarily decreases the display size of your Samsung screen for easy access to features. In simple words, it will let you control the phone single-handedly. To enable it follow the steps below. 

How To Use One Mode In Samsung Galaxy Phones

There are two different ways; one using gestures and another using navigation buttons. 

Turn ON One-Handed Mode With Navigation Buttons

If you are presently using the navigation buttons on your device, we suggest using Home Button to access one-handed mode. Here is how you can do it. 

  1. Access the Settings App.
  2. Choose Display.
  3. Swipe down and tap Navigation Bar.
  4. Right from the Navigation Type Menu, choose Buttons. From the same screen, you hinder the button orders. 

Once you are done with it, follow the steps below.

  1. Swipe down the Notification Panel.
  2. Choose Settings Gear Icon.
  3. Tap Advanced Features. 
  4. Hit One-handed Mode, and then select Button.

To test it, double-tap on the Home Button to access One-handed Mode. That’s It!

Turn ON One-handed Mode With A Gesture

If you prefer using the one-handed shortcut, then a navigation button, gently swipe down the button center. In no time, you will capture Floating UI with a matching background. You can move the screen as per your wish. Conversely, there is no way to resize the floating screen. 

Exit One-handed On Samsung Galaxy Phones

It’s easy to exit one-handed mode. For this, double-tap on the Side Arrow next to the floating screen, and you will be navigated back to the normal mode. 

How To Turn Off One-handed Mode On Samsung Galaxy Phones

The best part is once you are done with this feature, you can turn it off from the settings app. Here is how you can do it. 

  1. Head to the Settings App.
  2. Search and select Advanced Features.
  3. Toggle to turn off One-handed mode.

Bonus Tip: How To Use One-handed Mode For Samsung Galaxy Phones

Here below, we will show how to enable S23 one-handed mode for the Samsung keyboard when you are texting, and this is only for the keyboard, not for entire screen.

  1. For instance, open the Message App.
  2. Tap on the Text Field, and you will see keyboard.
  3. Next, click on Settings Gear Icon. 
  4. Hit Style And Layout.
  5. Tap Modes > One-handed Mode.

Now navigate back to the main screen and access the Messaging App. Hit on a Text field, and one-handed mode keyboard will be accessed. And if you want to place the keyboard either to the left or right side, click Arrow Icon next to the keyboard. 

What Do If Samsung One-handed Mode Not Working 

If Samsung one-handed mode gesture is not working, here are some of the troubleshooting steps you need to perform.

Check If You Have Enabled It Or Not: Navigate to the Settings App > Advanced Features > One-handed mode and ensure it is turned ON. 

Restart Your Phone: A normal restart can fix the petty standard bug reason for it. To do so, long press the Power Button. Select Green Restart Option and let the procedure get finished. 

Clear Cache And Data Of Settings App: The corrupted cache or data of the settings app can cause various issues, including this one. For this, long press on the Settings App Icon and select App Info. Hit on the Storage. Lastly, hit on Clear Cache and then Clear Data. 

Ensure Your Device Updated OS: Outdated OS means an invitation to multiple issues. Thus it’s always recommended to keep your device updated to latest OS. Move to Settings > Software Update > Download & Install. 

If none of the above solutions doesn’t work, you will need to contact Samsung support. 

Use One-handed Mode On Samsung Phones!

That’s it, folks! This is how you can use the one-handed mode Samsung 21 and other flagships. And in case it’s not working, we have covered effective solutions to fix it. 

Can I adjust the size of the screen in one-handed mode on Samsung?

Yes, you adjust one-handed mode size on a Samsung phone. To do so, head to Settings > Advanced Features > One-handed Mode > Screen view and choose the desired size.

Can I use one-handed mode on Samsung with a keyboard?

Yes, with no errors you can use one-handed mode with a keyboard. For this, head to the Settings App. Choose General Management. Select Language And Input > On-screen keyboard. Lastly, choose One-handed mode.

Does one-handed mode work with all apps on Samsung?

Unfortunately, the Samsung one-handed mode isn’t compatible with all applications.

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