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Turn off predictive text on samsung A80
Turn off predictive text on samsung A80

Predictive text is a feature made for our well being and it also makes it quicker to send messages with fast suggestions and auto-replace. This feature works like a machine, day by day it will learn the words you type frequently, and later it will suggest you if any mistake is made. However, the intentions are good, but not everyone is likely to use autocorrect and auto-replace. If you are the one, follow along with this article and learn how to turn off predictive text in Samsung A80.

While there is one more feature like this, Auto replace. It simply replaces the wrong word with the most suitable word. For instance, if you are typing a word that is not in the dictionary then it will be replaced with the most appropriate word that fits the current sentence. But if you would like to disable auto-replace on Samsung A80, yes it is possible and here’s how it can be done.

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Turn off/Disable Predictive Text in Samsung A80

We have two different methods to disable predictive text in Samsung A80. Suit yourself!

Method 1:

  • Open the Settings app from the App Drawer.
  • Tap General management.
  • Choose Language and input > On-screen keyboard.
  • Select Samsung Keyboard.
  • Tap Smart typing.
  • Turn off Predictive text from there.

Method 2:

  • Navigate to the Messages app or any app where you can access the keyboard.
  • Touch and hold the emoji button.
  • Tap Settings
  • Go to Smart typing and disable Predictive text on your Samsung A80.

Turn off Auto replace on Samsung A80

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Tap General management.
  • Tap Language and input.
  • Select the On-screen keyboard > Samsung Keyboard.
  • Hit Smart typing.
  • Tap on Auto replace and disable it.


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